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Why choose Health Information Management?

  • Ride the wave that is moving healthcare documentation from paper to digital, and improve patient outcomes with accurate and efficient data.
  • Mid-State graduates have scored a 100-percent pass rate on the national certification exam offered by the American Health Information Management Association (AHIMA) for the Registered Health Information Technician (RHIT) credential.
  • Program is accredited by CAHIIM (Commission on Accreditation for Heath Informatics and Information Management Education).
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The past 200 years have produced gigantic leaps in medical care, but it wasn’t until about five years ago that medical record keeping began to catch up. Since then, the medical industry has seen a revolution that is moving healthcare documentation from paper to digital. The result is vastly improved accuracy and efficiency—as well as skyrocketing demand for health information professionals.

Program Locations

Stevens Point Campus
1001 Centerpoint Drive
Stevens Point, WI 54481

What You'll Learn

Mid-State’s Health Information Management program prepares individuals to enter the emerging field of electronic health record management. Students learn to use computer programs and established methods to securely process, compile, maintain, and report electronic health information data for patient care.

In this program you’ll learn to abstract and code clinical data using classifications systems as well as analyze health records according to industry protocols. You’ll build knowledge about reimbursement, facility planning, marketing, risk management, and more. Graduates are eligible to take the AHIMA national certification exam for Registered Health Information Technician (RHIT).

Estimated Entire Program Cost

Cost based on the 2019/2020 academic calendar year.

  • Tuition & Fees: $10,032.92
  • Books: $4,470.6
  • Supplies, Uniforms, and/or Exams: $110.00
  • Total Estimated Cost: $14,613.52

Financial Aid Eligibility

This program is eligible for full Financial Aid.

Term: 1
Catalog# Title Credits
10530111 Introduction to Health Records 3.00
10501101 Medical Terminology 3.00
10103106 Microsoft Office-Introduction 3.00
10806177 General Anatomy & Physiology 4.00
10801136 English Composition 1 3.00
10530125 Organization of Healthcare 2.00
(18 Credits)
Term: 2
Catalog# Title Credits
10530122 Electronic Health Records 3.00
10530182 Human Disease for the Health Professions 3.00
  • 3.00
10801196 Oral/Interpersonal Communication 3.00
-or- 10801198 Speech 3.00
10530197 ICD Diagnosis Coding 3.00
10530144 CPT Coding 3.00
10530161 Legal Aspects of HIM 2.00
(17 Credits)
Term: 3
Catalog# Title Credits
10801197 Technical Reporting 3.00
10530132 Health Data Analysis 3.00
10156101 Database Concepts and Design 3.00
  • 3.00
10809198 Intro to Psychology 3.00
-or- 10809188 Developmental Psychology 3.00
10530166 Inpatient Procedure Coding 3.00
10530160 Performance Improvement for Health Professions 3.00
(18 Credits)
Term: 4
Catalog# Title Credits
10530146 Private and Government Reimbursement 3.00
10809166 Intro to Ethics: Theory & Application 3.00
10530167 Management of Health Information Services 3.00
10530147 HIM Advanced Coding 3.00
10530163 Health Information Clinical 2.00
10530164 RHIT Test Prep 1.00
(15 Credits)
(68 Credits)



Kerry has a master’s degree from Northwestern University and 17 years of experience working in software and health information management for medical providers. She has taught in the Wisconsin Technical College System for over 10 years. To keep up with emerging trends, she attends professional development sessions for HIIM educators and serves on a number of industry leadership boards.

“I teach by trying to reach students' hearts because I want to help people discover their passion in life.”


Angela earned her associate degree from Mid-State Technical College and has four years of experience as a medical coder for local hospitals. To keep her skills and professional certifications up to date, she attains 56 credits of continuing education every year.

“I enjoy teaching because of the 'aha' moments.”


  • Chargemaster Coordinator
  • Coding Specialist
  • Coding Support Specialist
  • Data Analyst
  • Electronic Health Record Trainer
  • Health Information Technician
  • Health Information Specialist
  • Health Information Supervisor
  • Patient Account Representative
  • Patient Financial Services Specialist
  • Privacy Officer
  • Quality Improvement Analyst


Accreditation Information

The Health Information Management program is accredited by the Commission on Accreditation for Health Informatics and Information Management Education (CAHIIM) under the Associate Degree HIM standards. Accreditation by CAHIIM ensures that the HIM program meets the exacting academic standards thereby allowing students to take the Registered Health Information Technician (RHIT) certification exam offered by the American Health Information Management Association (AHIMA).

Credentialing exam results for Mid-State HIM graduates consistently exceed national results.  Mid-State results for first-time test takers over the last two years:

Timeframe Mid-State Average Score National Average Score Mid-State Pass Rate National Pass Rate
Oct '16 - Sept '17 86 83.63


Oct '15 - Sept '16 89 83.10 100% 67%

Job Placement Rate
Job placement rate for graduates in a health information management-related field for 2017 is 86 percent.

Employer Satisfaction Rate
The employer satisfaction rate with the program is 100 percent. Responses from participating employers continue to indicate that the program meets the employer’s expectations for technical and soft (employment) skills. In addition, they report that they experience reduced training times for new employees who come from the program. They also report that they would hire or recommend graduates of the program.

Student Experience in the HIM program
In an end-of-course survey, based on a five (5) point Likert Scale, 83.33 percent of the students who responded to the end of course survey in spring 2018 scored this question with four points or higher:  “In general, I was satisfied with this course.”  Examples of comments include:

  • Good pace and great instructor.
  • I have learned a lot about how health records work, the information was all very clear and informative!
  • I liked the pace of intro to health records, and the virtual labs that we had to do, so I was able to get some examples of what HIM entails.
  • The cool information that I learned, like organization. I didn't realize how important that was. Overall, I learned a lot!cahiim accred logo


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“Mid-State’s Health Information Management program gave me in-depth knowledge of our current healthcare system. I now have the skills and confidence I need and truly feel I am an asset to my current employer.”


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