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General Education

Mid-State Technical College offers a full breadth of general education courses that satisfy associate degree requirements and can be transferred to four-year colleges.

Benefits of General Studies at Mid-State

General studies at Mid-State are a required component of just about every hands-on degree we offer, but many students choose Mid-State just for general studies, and here’s why:

Transfer Value

Students looking to transfer classes in pursuit of a four-year degree will find great value in Mid-State’s general education offerings. Enjoy a cost per credit that’s significantly lower, with four-year public institutions being two to three times higher and private colleges up to seven times higher. 

You can transfer a wide variety of individual courses, or check out our University Transfer degrees for guaranteed transfer to many four-year colleges and universities.

In-Demand Skills

In today’s complex, diverse, and globally connected world employers increasingly seek the skills developed in a general studies curriculum. General education courses enhance awareness of the community around them and teach students to use their critical-thinking, problem-solving, and communication skills to respond effectively and solve real-world problems. Learn more about the outcomes of general studies at Mid-State.


General education develops knowledge and skills in the areas of communication, math, science, and social science. Once learned, the benefits go beyond academic and professional success, as students explore interests and experience self-discovery.


The way you experience a class matters and should fit your life. At Mid-State choose from small in-person classes, online classes, and innovative technology class options. Learn more about our class delivery options

Courses by Discipline

Explore the courses available below.

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10801199 Employment Strategies
10801136 English Composition 1
10801196 Oral/Interpersonal Communication
10801198 Speech
10801197 Technical Reporting
31804305 Applied Mathematics
10804195 College Algebra with Applications
10804107 College Mathematics
10804118 Intermediate Algebra with Applications
10804189 Introductory Statistics
10804196 Trigonometry with Applications
Natural Science 
10806179 Advanced Anatomy & Physiology
10806311 Applied Microbiology
31806351 Applied Science
10806189 Basic Anatomy
10806143 College Physics 1
10806177 General Anatomy & Physiology
10806114 General Biology
10806134 General Chemistry
10806154 General Physics 1
10806197 Microbiology
10806184 Plant Biology
Social Science 
10809188 Developmental Psychology
10809195 Economics
10809122 Intro to American Government
10809172 Intro to Diversity Studies
10809166 Introduction to Ethics: Theory and Application
10809198 Intro to Psychology
10809196 Intro to Sociology
10809103 Think Critically & Creatively



The General Education program at Mid-State Technical College offers a curriculum that promotes critical thinking, scientific and quantitative reasoning skills, effective communication, and civic responsibility associated with a socially, politically, and economically diverse world.

  • Intellectual Acquisition of Knowledge: Demonstrate critical and ethical reasoning.
  • Communication: Demonstrate effective communication in diverse contexts using appropriate methods.
  • Problem Solving: Use mathematical and scientific problem-solving processes.
  • Personal and Social Awareness: Demonstrate knowledge of life skills required of an effective member of a diverse and global community.
  • Environmental Awareness: Demonstrate a heightened awareness of our physical, chemical, and biological environment.