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Transfer college credit to or from Mid-State Technical College to meet your educational goals. Learn about the ways Mid-State can support your educational journey by exploring the transfer topics below. Contact us at 888.575.6782 if you have any questions.

Transfer to Mid-State

We recognize that students starting at Mid-State often bring knowledge and skills obtained through a variety of previous experiences. These can include educational, life, and career experiences. High school students often take advantage of a variety of Dual Credit to earn college credit before graduation. Those who have attended a college or university in the past may have transfer credit that can count toward a Mid-State program. Those who have gained work and life experience or military experience may receive college credit for knowledge and skills already gained.

Visit our Credit for Prior Learning page to explore more ways you can get the credit you deserve for the work you’ve done.

Transfer of Credit to Other Colleges

If you wish to continue your education, explore our transfer agreements with other institutions for your program. It is advisable to contact the college you wish to attend. Receiving institutions will determine acceptable transfer credit.

Transferology—See Which Courses Transfer

Transferology shows how courses you have taken or plan to take transfer to another college or university for credit. Try Transferology—it's free!

If your school/course is not listed on Transferology, it does not mean your credit will not transfer. It simply means an official evaluation will need to be completed— contact our credit for prior learning assistant.

Transferology makes exploring college transfer easy

For more information about transfer opportunities, consult with your Mid-State Technical College advisor. College advisors and admissions staff at the college of your choice are also great resources.

University Transfer Programs

Mid-State’s University Transfer programs provide the first two years of a four-year degree for a fraction of the cost. Enjoy seamless, guaranteed transfer to many four-year colleges and universities.