Strategic Plan

January 1, 2018, kicked off the Mid-State Technical College 2020 VISION, and our new 2018–2020 Strategic Directions align that vision with our Key Results and Strategic Plan.

Strategic Plan (PDF)

2018–2020 Strategic Directions

Through the pursuit of excellence and continuous improvement the college will:

  • Provide responsive, flexible, high-quality education to foster student achievement through career pathways and lifelong learning to the communities we serve.
  • Deliver dynamic, innovative solutions to provide a skilled workforce and enhance economic viability within the district as a community partner.
  • Strengthen K–12 partnerships to maximize student access and student success.

Mid-State’s Strategic Plan includes four key areas that have become our intentional focus. These Pillars of Opportunity impact our Key Results of Student Success, Organizational Effectiveness, and Organizational Health:

  • PROGRAMS: Mid-State’s programming is undergoing a review to ensure we are meeting industry needs and serving our students with relevant skills for the workforce. We introduced new programming and have our eye on more exciting programming in 2020!
  • K–12: Our K–12 partnerships are critical for Mid-State’s success, so we have already begun to invest in these partnerships. A reinvigorated focus on K–12 resulted in 5,148 credits issued to high school students taking Dual Credit classes in the 2018–2019 academic year. The value of this tuition savings for district families is $702,702.
  • WORKFORCE: Our Division of Workforce & Economic Development continues to see increases in contract training requests from district stakeholders and apprenticeship students and sponsors.
  • CONTINUING EDUCATION: Lifelong-learning opportunities provide more than professional benefits for career-oriented citizens—they provide the professional and personal enrichment prevalent in strong communities. In 2018–2019 we welcomed over 2,444 learners on our campuses and have introduced them to a variety of courses.

Together, with the 2020 Vision, we can create new and innovative approaches to meeting the needs of our communities and businesses here in central Wisconsin.

I-c-a-r-e logo. Center circle with graphical representation of silhouette of person from waist up surrounded by a circle reading I-C-A-R-E Integrity, Commitment, Accountability, Respect, Exceptional Service. Circle surrounding that reading Adams, Marshfield, Stevens Point, Wisconsin Rapids. Circle Surrounding that split into 5 quadrants. Orange Quadrant: Programs - Increase Access, Quality, Student Success. Yellow Quadrant: K-12 -  Improve Access, Student Success, Collaboration. Green Quadrant: Continuing Education - Enhance Programming, Registration, Conference Opportunities. Red Quadrant: District - Infuse Innovation, Exceptional Service, Professional Collaborative Environment, Process Improvement, Community Relations. Blue Quadrant: Workforce - Grow Services, Awareness, Apprenticeship. Final outer circle reads Mid-State Technical College - Organizational Effectiveness, Student Success, Organizational Health


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