Student Life

Student Life

Why Get Involved?

A wide array of services, discounts, programs, events, and leadership opportunities are available to our students, and participating in campus life is one of the best gifts you can give yourself while attending Mid-State. Getting involved will help you become better connected to the warm and friendly people who make Mid-State such an awesome place. You’ll discover new interests, develop skills, and make connections—all while having a great time.

At Mid-State, we believe that learning extends beyond the classroom. It should include student-driven opportunities for personal growth and development facilitated through involvement in a variety of student activities.


To support and encourage intentional engagement beyond the classroom which provides an environment that nurtures a true sense of belonging within the Mid-State community.

  • Connectedness & an Enhanced Collegiate Experience: establishing an array of fun and meaningful experiences where the Mid-State community can come together to build an inclusive environment.
  • Personal Growth & Leadership Development: providing a framework through various opportunities for students to define, develop, and enhance their unique leadership skills.
  • Create and implement programs that foster student engagement, learning, and development.
  • Build a sense of community by facilitating events and activities that bring people together.

Student Life Team

Natasha Miller
Natasha Miller

Manager, Student Life, 715.422.5558

Vikram Gill
Vikram Gill

Student Life Assistant, 715.295.1283

Deb McDonald – Student Support Coordinator
Megan Kundinger – Instructor, Natural Science
Jamie Seehafer – College Experience Specialist 


Student Leadership Board (SLB)

The Student Leadership Board represents the interests of all students by promoting student/faculty understanding and participating in community affairs that concern, involve, or affect our students. Additionally, the SLB makes decisions on the expenditures of the Student Activity Fees. Above all, the SLB encourages students to become involved in their educational social activities. The SLB is “learning through involvement.”

The SLB is led by Campus Representatives from throughout the district. This great opportunity for involvement is open to all current students.

For information regarding the SLB, contact Natasha Miller.

Clubs and Organizations

Mid-State supports both extra- curricular (non-program related) and co-curricular (program related) clubs and organizations. These provide opportunities to learn more about your chosen professional field, experience cultural enrichment, and develop teamwork, leadership, and time management skills.

Wisconsin Student Government (WSG)

Wisconsin Student Government LogoMid-State has student representatives that are members of WSG. Wisconsin Student Government's purpose is to bring students issues and concerns to the forefront, into the limelight with a united voice. Mid-State representatives join representatives from other technical colleges to work together as a team on all relevant issues. WSG is a nonpartisan, not-for-profit organization dedicated to promoting political awareness and stimulating discussion and action among students. If you are interested in participating in WSG as a Mid-State student, please contact the Mid-State WSG advisor, Jon Steele.

Residential Hall Living

Mid-State Technical College has partnered with the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point to provide dorm living in one of UW-Stevens Point’s co-ed residential halls. Learn more on our Residential Hall Living page.


Contact Student Life Coordinator Natasha Miller (715.422.5558).