Several Mid-State students sitting in a classroom listening to the teacher.

Take a Class

Want to Register for a Class or Two? Look No Further

Non-degree-seeking students who just want to take a course or two pay no application fee when applying to Mid-State. From this page you can quickly and easily search for courses, apply, and register—with one form—whether it's for the security of maintaining current job skills, learning new skills essential for a promotion, or starting a whole new career.

Note: If you are a degree-seeking student or returning to Mid-State to seek a degree after a previous degree or break, you will need to complete the regular application before registering for courses. If you are a current program student, log in to to register.

Application and Registration Steps for Non-Degree Seekers


Use the online ClassFinder to search for any course offered through Mid-State.


When looking at a specific course, read the course description to confirm that you are eligible to take the course. If any prerequisites or corequisites are listed and you're not sure if you're eligible, talk to an academic advisor at 888.575.6782.



Complete and submit the online application and registration form for non-degree-seeking students. (The $30 application fee is waived for non-degree-seeking students.)

Note: Once you have registered for your classes you will not receive a paper bill for fees owed. Check your email for this information, and use your eAccount Management system. Nursing Assistant and Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) are programs that require completion of a college application.


Congratulations on submitting your non-degree-seeking application and registering for your first course with Mid-State!

Here are your next steps:

  • You will be receiving a welcome packet in the mail with step-by-step instructions for logging to all of your Mid-State student accounts.
  • You will also need to complete the online orientation before attending your first class.
  • If you'd like to meet with an academic advisor prior to starting classes, call 888.575.6782.

Note: If a non-degree-seeking-student later decides to pursue a credential (degree, diploma, certificate), the student will need to complete the regular application for admission again and pay the $30 application fee. The student may also need to complete the Accuplacer.