Mid-State Technical College offers international and domestic travel education opportunities. Find recurring and new options each year, including short-term cultural experience trips and exchanges.


Derek Dodds

“I would recommend this experience to others because it’s an investment in yourself. It offers you an opportunity to live and see how others live. The contrast is humbling and eye-opening.”

Derek Dodds, Japan Trip

Ann Ilagan

“Getting to experience traveling with other central Wisconsin folks… watching them get to bond together as they experienced the discomfort of something new and diving in head-first was fantastic! It really showed that Mid-State values education outside of the traditional classroom, which made Mid-State all the more special to me.”

Ann Ilagan, German Exchange Trip

Colette Stofelt

“Reflecting on this trip, it has inspired me to go out of my comfort zone and see what the world has to offer. Now I have fallen in love with traveling, and there is no stopping or turning back. Who would have thought one trip, one city, one college, could come together and leave such a lasting impact on my life forever?”

Colette Stoflet, New York City Trip

Mid-State offers a variety of travel and study experiences. Click on the picture or title of each destination below to learn more!

New York City

Global Cultural Experience Course and Trip

October 24 – October 28, 2024

Registration Opens:
February 19, 2024



Global Cultural Experience Course and Trip

Anticipated May 2025

Registration Opens:
September 2024


Short-Term Cultural Exchange

Anticipated June 2025

Application Opens:
January 2025



Global Cultural Experience Course and Trip

Anticipated May 2026

Registration Opens:
September 2025



Why Study Abroad?

Studying abroad is rewarding. It will be among the most memorable of your experiences at Mid-State.

Immerse Yourself in Another Culture

Studying abroad is a unique opportunity to visit or live in another culture. Learning in another country or another part of the US lets you experience different traditions, cultures, and societies from the inside.

Gain a Competitive Edge
  • Having a study abroad experience on your résumé helps you stand out from other applicants. The skills you gain while traveling will give you an advantage in just about any career field.
  • Many employers place a high value on study abroad experiences. More and more they are looking for intercultural and diversity awareness. Why? Even if employees don't work with someone from a different country, they often work with someone from a different background.
  • Study abroad is one of the best ways you can acquire highly sought-after soft skills: adaptable, flexible, problem solver.
Make New Friendships to Last a Lifetime

Studying abroad turns you into a "world citizen" as you meet people from other cultures and countries. You'll will make lifetime friends from all over the US, your host country, and around the world. 

See the US from a New Perspective

Traveling away from home lets you see it from a new point of view. When you speak with students and citizens from other countries, you will gain a more informed perspective on world affairs and how the US fits. You will begin to understand the range of opinions in the world and bring those insights home when you return. 

Experience Life-Changing Personal Growth

Travel is one of the quickest ways to challenge yourself and experience lasting personal growth. During one trip you will improve your communication and problem-solving skills. You'll also navigate new social situations, and grow in self-confidence. You'll do new things and handle unexpected situations. You’ll also build:

  • Independence
  • Patience
  • Adaptability
  • Cross-cultural communications skills
  • A willingness to take on new challenges 
Have Fun!

Meet new people, try new foods, see incredible sights, and have adventures! Your time abroad will expand your horizons academically and personally. At the end, you'll come home filled with stories about your experiences that you can't wait to share with others.


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