Graduate Wage and Job Placement Data

99% of graduates are satisfied or very satisfied with their education.

Of the responding 2022-23 graduates, 99% gave Mid-State Technical College high marks when rating satisfaction with their training

Mid-State Technical College Graduate Survey Report - 2022-23

87% of Mid-State's 2023 Graduates were Employed Within Six Months of Graduation!

This report includes information about the successes of Mid-State's 2022-23 graduates. The information was compiled based on web, mail and telephone surveys conducted from July 2022 through January 2023. The survey was completed by 557 out of 798 students who graduated in December 2022 or May 2023 for a response rate of 70%.

Salary figures are based on those respondents who report being employed in occupations related to their training. The median salary reflects the midpoint of salaries reported for each career program. 

2022-23 Graduate Survey Report

Survey Highlights

Employment Status of 2022-23 Graduates

  Number Percent  
Number of Graduates 798    
Number of Graduates Responding 557 70%  
Not in Labor Market 135 32%  
Number Available for Employment 422 68%  
Number Respondents Employed 368 87%  
Employed in Related Occupation 292 79%  
Employed in Non-Related Occupation 75 20%  
Employed in District 237 75%  

Reason for Attending

  Number Percent  
Preparation for getting a job 231 42%  
Career change 108 19%  
Improvement of existing job skills 56 10%  
Preparation for further education 97 17%  
Personal interest 65 12%