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Clubs and Organizations

Students, are you looking for fun and exciting ways to develop leadership qualities, social awareness, and a grade-A résumé? Mid-State offers a variety of clubs and organizations to prepare you for life after college.

Why join a club?

  • Gain an occupational understanding for your program
  • Become more engaged within your community
  • Apply your growing skills
  • Build or enhance your résumé

What are you waiting for? Contact the advisor listed for additional information.

Note: Participation in most clubs is limited to students in specific programs.

Agri-Business Club

The Mid-State Agri-Business Club is organized to promote educational, social, and networking opportunities for students. Students will learn agricultural and business practices that will lead to success in operating their own farm, managing a farm, or being employed in the agriculture industry. Advisor: Teri Raatz (715.422.5558)

Angler's Club

This club is an opportunity for students who enjoy fishing to participate in organized opportunities and to promote interest in fishing. This club to open to all Mid-State students. Advisor: Joe Byczynski

Auto Club

This club is designed to complement the programs of Automotive or Diesel Technology at Mid-State Technical College. Events suited to the study of Automotive or Diesel Technology and encouraging friendship among its members. Advisor: Matt Manicki

Business Professionals of America (BPA)

Business Professionals of America is a national career and technical student organization with 25 state associations and more than 45,000 members. This great résumé builder includes networking, business-related projects, and events across the state and nation. BPA is one of the best ways for business students to achieve their goals for self-improvement, leadership development, professionalism, community service, career development, and more. All students interested in business or business ownership are eligible to join. There is a minimal membership fee for students. Advisor: Sharon Behrens (715.422.5369)

Civil Technology Club

The Civil Technology Club's purpose is to strengthen the confidence of students in themselves and in their work. It promotes citizenship, leadership, and a school spirit among students. Members plan to encourage the development of professional, social, and recreational activities as well as a high standard of scholastic achievement. This club is pen to students in the Civil Engineering Technology-Highway Technician program. Advisor: Greg Webster (715.422.5379)

Cyber Cougars IT Club

The Mid-State Cyber Cougars are an IT-affiliated club that welcomes anybody with an interest in technology. Students can participate in various club activities, ranging from small video/board game nights to convention visits throughout the year. As a member of the club you vote on and choose events that we participate in! Advisor: Brian Krause

Early Childhood Club

Early Childhood Education program students are eligible to become members. Club members collaborate with community organizations to raise funds and promote activities that benefit children and families. Advisor: April Hartjes (715.422.5485)

Inclusion Union

This Student-led organization is an opportunity to engage in conversations about multiculturalism and discuss issues relating to equity and inclusion. Our goal is to enrich students’ learning and provide a space for Mid-State community members to explore diversity and discover more about one another. Advisors: Vikram Gill and Riley Denny

Law Enforcement Academy

The Law Enforcement Academy Student Club is dedicated to benefiting the community through service projects and providing social activities to further camaraderie between academy students. Advisor: Kurt Heuer

Medical Assistant Club

This club assists with fundraising for program-related activities to enrich the educational experience of Medical Assistant program students. The club serves to raise awareness of the Medical Assistant program in general, through school and community involvement. Advisor: Nichol Soik (715.422.5338)

Mid-State Renewable Energy Society (MSRES)

MSRES educates the students and community on the wide spectrum of energy options that are available to address our energy needs and work toward a more intelligent and responsible use of energy. Advisor: Greg Engen

Mid-State Student Nurses' Association (MSNA)

MSNA is open to students taking nursing courses and those students on the ADN waiting list. MSNA is associated with the National Student Nurses' Association and the Wisconsin Student Nurses' Association. The organization provides learning beyond the nursing curriculum and offers health-related community services. Participation in MSNA prepares students for eventual participation in professional nursing organizations. Advisors: Lisa Massen and Crissy Watenpaugh

Phi Theta Kappa (PTK) Honor Society

Phi Theta Kappa (PTK) Honor Society is the international honor society of two-year colleges and academic programs, particularly community colleges and junior colleges. It also includes associate degree-granting programs offered by four-year colleges. PTK recognizes and encourages scholarship by providing an opportunity for leadership and service. It provides an intellectual climate for exchange of ideas and ideals and stimulates interest in continuing academic excellence. Students are invited to join Mid-State's Beta Chi Theta chapter after completing at least 6 hours of a technical diploma program or 12 hours of an associate degree program and earning a minimum grade point average of 3.5. Advisors: Jill Quinn (715.295.1277)

Respiratory Therapy Club

The Respiratory Therapy Club seeks to enrich the educational experience of Mid-State's Respiratory Therapy program students. This organization also serves to raise awareness of the respiratory therapy programs in general, through school, and community involvement. Advisor: Nick Goldberg


The SkillsUSA Club creates a common bond among Mid-State's Industrial & Technical program students and provides a clearinghouse for information and activities. Club members also enjoy the recognition and prestige that comes from affiliation with the state and national SkillsUSA organizations. Advisors: Mike Berry and Russell Moore

Student Society of Arboriculture (SSA)

Mid-State's SSA is a branch of the International Society of Arboriculture. SSA gets students involved through weekly meetings, guest speakers from industry (private companies, municipalities, DNR) and community and high school visits to share information on the Mid-State Urban Forestry Technician program. SSA holds an annual Arbor Day event each spring. Advisor: Luke Scheberl

Veterans Club

The Veterans Club is a group of student veterans, service members, and friends. It is a great way to find out about veteran opportunities in the community and meet other vets on campus. Advisor: Brian Bartel (715.342.3119)