Metal Fabrication

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Why choose Metal Fabrication?

  • Demand is high for fabricators, fitters, and welders in our area.
  • Ideal career for creative problem solvers and critical thinkers who take pride in their work and would like to manufacture vital components and finished products.
  • This program provides hands-on, focused learning using equipment found in industry.
Metal fabricators build a wide range of projects using all types of fabrication equipment. They have the skills needed for a career in a construction firm, equipment manufacturing company, or small fabrication shop and have the satisfaction of making things that last and make a difference in people’s lives.

What You'll Learn

Mid-State's Metal Fabrication program prepares graduates for jobs as fabricators, fitters, mill beam fitters, welder-fabricators, structural-steel fabricators, weld technicians, and structural steel fitters. Students will work with a variety of metals and learn to produce and assemble structural metal products for machinery, ovens, tanks, pipes, stacks, and parts for buildings. They will learn the physical properties of metals and how to read job orders and blueprints.

This program prepares students with an understanding of basic design, types of materials and their uses, weld types, and material fitting. Students train on equipment found in local industry and learn to operate press brakes, industrial hydraulic shears, ironworkers, CNC plasma cutting tables, robotic welders, plate rollers, grinders, welders, and various other metal cutting and fitting equipment.



  • Fabricator
  • Metalworker
  • Fitter
  • Welder-Fabricator

“All along Mid-State has been really helpful, really open to communicating more with me and helping me with what I need.”


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