Diesel & Heavy Equipment Technician

Technical Diploma

Why choose Diesel & Heavy Equipment Technician?

  • Get the training you need to maintain and repair vehicles like buses, large trucks, and equipment used in agriculture and construction.
  • Diesel systems require different fuel, are different in design, and have different needs and requirements when being serviced—making for a specialized skill set that’s in high demand.
  • A great career for those with mechanical aptitude, problem-solving ability, and a desire to work with their hands.
What is the difference between gasoline and diesel engines? Beyond requiring a different fuel, diesel engines are quite different in design and have different needs and requirements when being serviced. Add to this that diesel engines are put to the test in hard-working vehicles like buses, large trucks, and equipment used in agriculture and construction, and it’s no surprise you need a specialized diesel technician to work on them.

Program Locations

Wisconsin Rapids Campus
500 32nd Street North
Wisconsin Rapids, Wisconsin 54494

What You'll Learn

Graduates of Mid-State’s Diesel & Heavy Equipment Technician program have the knowledge and skills to confidently diagnose and repair mechanical and electrical problems in trucks, buses, construction equipment, farm equipment, and industrial machinery.

Through hands-on classroom learning and training on state-of-the-art equipment, you will learn to perform preventive maintenance and troubleshooting procedures, rebuild components, and respond to field service calls. You’ll also participate in field trips, tours, and equipment demonstrations, and you’ll get real-world experience by maintaining Mid-State’s vehicle fleet and operating onsite equipment.

Estimated Entire Program Cost

Cost based on the 2021/2022 academic calendar year.

  • Tuition & Fees: $11,056.98
  • Books: $871.10
  • Supplies, Uniforms, and/or Exams: $100.00
  • Total Estimated Cost: $12,028.08

Financial Aid Eligibility

This program is eligible for full Financial Aid.

Term: 1
Catalog# Title Credits
32412375 Service Practices in Diesel Industry 1.00
32412308 Braking Systems-Diesel 5.00
32412309 Suspension & Steering Systems 5.00
32412340 Intro to Electricity for the Diesel Industry 1.00
10457120 Fabrication Fundamentals 2 1.00
10442117 Welding Fundamentals 1 1.00
10442118 Welding Fundamentals 2 1.00
10457119 Fabrication Fundamentals 1 1.00
(16 Credits)
Term: 2
Catalog# Title Credits
32412312 Drivetrains 4.00
  • Career Development 3.00
10801199 Employment Strategies 3.00
-or- 10102130 Career Development 3.00
32412313 Electrical Systems 4.00
10462121 Mobile Hydraulics Repair 3.00
32412305 Preventive Maintenance-Diesel 3.00
(17 Credits)
Term: 3
Catalog# Title Credits
10804107 College Mathematics 3.00
32412303 Heating/AC-Diesel 3.00
32412324 Engine Repair 5.00
32412327 Fuel Systems & Alternative Fuels 5.00
(16 Credits)
Term: 4
Catalog# Title Credits
32806351 Applied Science 2.00
32412311 Advanced Electricity-Diesel 5.00
32412330 Capstone-Live Diesel Repair 2.00
32412310 Engine Performance & Emissions-Diesel 5.00
(14 Credits)
(63 Credits)



After working in the transportation industry for several years, Scott realized his passion was to teach what he loved. He received his diesel and heavy equipment technician technical diploma from Western Technical College and a bachelor’s degree from the UW–Stout. Scott has taught for over 20 years in the diesel field and enjoys working with local industry and learning cutting-edge technology that he can incorporate into his program.

“My biggest reward as a teacher is to see my students thriving in their new careers, knowing I helped get them there.”


Chris earned his associate degree from Mid-State Technical College and obtained a technical diploma in diesel and heavy equipment repair. He is also an ASE master certified technician and a Hunter certified alignment technician. He has worked for over 20 years in the diesel and heavy truck industry and continues to work with truck OEMs, dealerships, and private shops in order to keep up to date on current technology used on heavy trucks as well as with industry needs for technicians.


  • Bus and Truck Technician
  • Heavy Equipment Technician
  • Fleet Maintenance Technician
  • Agriculture Equipment Technician 
  • Locomotive Technician
  • Over the Road Truck Technician
  • Portable Power Technician
  • Refrigerated Trailer Technician
  • Trailer Technician


"Mid-State prepares you by providing hands-on training from passionate instructors, cutting edge facilities, and real-life experiences."


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