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Why choose Hospitality Management?

  • The perfect career for those who are passionate about tourism, lodging, and food service as well as understand the importance of quality experiences for guests.
  • Learn how to apply your teamwork and leadership skills to the complex and interesting world of travel and tourism.
  • Enjoy a career that combines creativity with problem solving and customer service.
Travel and tourism represent one of the top ten largest industries in the country. This exciting and profitable field applies sound management concepts and practices to the areas of food, lodging, and other related businesses.

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What You'll Learn

Through Mid-State’s Hospitality Management program, students will develop a wide array of skills useful in various roles within hospitality and tourism, including a fundamental understanding of food service operations, hospitality sales and marketing, events planning, management principles, customer service, effective communication, and creative thinking.

Students in this program engage in various activities and learning opportunities surrounding hospitality and tourism. You will plan events, produce sales and marketing projects, draft budgets, apply culinary skills and plan menus, practice effective management and customer service, and participate in an industry-related internship.

Estimated Entire Program Cost

Cost based on the 2020/2021 academic calendar year.

  • Tuition & Fees: $9,872.95
  • Books: $2,355.35
  • Supplies, Uniforms, and/or Exams: $240.00
  • Total Estimated Cost: $12,468.30

Financial Aid Eligibility

This program is eligible for full Financial Aid.

Term: 1
Catalog# Title Credits
10109101 Exploring Hospitality 3.00
10316112 Sanitation for Foodservice Operations 1.00
10104102 Marketing Principles 3.00
10801136 English Composition I 3.00
10809103 Think Critically & Creatively 3.00
10106106 Quality Customer Service 3.00
(16 Credits)
Term: 2
Catalog# Title Credits
10316126 Culinary Applications 2.00
10801198 Speech 3.00
10109112 Tourism 3.00
10109105 Hospitality Concept Development 3.00
10109157 Internship-Tourism, Lodging, Guest Services 1.00
10804107 College Mathematics 3.00
(15 Credits)
Term: 3
Catalog# Title Credits
10316127 Menu Planning 3.00
10109110 Room Operations Division 3.00
10316160 Catering and Special Event Planning 3.00
10109130 Hospitality Sales and Promotion 3.00
10109134 Cost Control-Revenue Management 3.00
10109158 Internship-Culinary, Food/Beverage, Special Events 1.00
(16 Credits)
Term: 4
Catalog# Title Credits
10196193 Human Resource Management 3.00
10109107 Hospitality Law and Liability 3.00
10809166 Intro to Ethics: Theory & Application 3.00
10809198 Intro to Psychology 3.00
10196191 Supervision 3.00
(15 Credits)
(62 Credits)



Paul Kennedy received his master’s in business administration from Argosy University in Tampa. He is a certified Culinary Educator and Chef de Cuisine by the American Culinary Federation and as ServSafe Instructor/Proctor by the National Restaurant Association. His extensive experienced in culinary and hospitality includes kitchen and restaurant management, hands-on food production, food sales, guest relations, and service in hotels/resorts. He has also held food and beverage manager and director positions and is an award-winning chef who has been featured on television, newspapers, and other media outlets. He is former president of the American Culinary Federation local chapter.

“Hospitality Management graduates will have the opportunity to be part of something bigger than themselves every day and travel, meet, and work with an interesting and diverse group of people as well as experience foods and cultures that the average individual never gets the chance to. It is my pleasure to teach in this program.”


  • Food and Beverage Director
  • Hospitality and Tourism Coordinator
  • Sales and Service Manager
  • Hotel/Resort Front Desk Receptionist
  • Restaurant Supervisor
  • Hospitality Guest Services Representative

“We couldn’t be happier that Mid-State has recognized a significant need for a quality Hospitality Management program in central Wisconsin. Many of the management positions at SentryWorld require a degree in those respective fields. Graduates with culinary degrees or hospitality management degrees are highly sought after and have the opportunity to grow within our organization.”


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