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Career Accelerator Certificates

Mid-State's Career Accelerator certificates are focused, short-term "sprints" that develop targeted, real-world competency for career advancement. Enroll today to accelerate your career and get to the next level in your current job or field of choice!

  • Many certificates can be completed in one semester or less.
  • In-person, online, hybrid, and computer-conferencing delivery options available.
  • Many classes count toward an existing Mid-State degree program.

Apply to a Career Accelerator Certificate

Agriculture, Food, and Natural Resources

Agriculture Diesel Engines and Equipment

Agronomy Equipment Basics

Introduction to Agriculture Business

Introductions to Agriculture Topics

Business, Management, and Administration

Business Skills

Communication Essentials

Fundamentals of Business Administration

Human Resources Foundations

Nonprofit Leadership

Small Business Entrepreneurship

Team Leadership

Education and Training

Infant Toddler Specialist

Early Childhood-Lead Teacher


Payroll Foundations

Tax Preparation

Health Sciences

Fitness Professional

Gerontology Professional

Health Navigator

Healthcare Foundations

Registered Nurse Refresher Series

Hospitality and Tourism

Culinary Foundations

Meat Cutting and Butchery


Gas Metal Arc Welding (GMAW)

Marketing, Sales, and Service

Adobe Suite

Competitive Sales

Social & Mobile Marketing

Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics

Civil Drafting

University Transfer Programs

University Transfer