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Requesting Accommodations

Initial Consultation to Request Accommodations

At your initial consultation, you can expect to discuss:

  • The nature of your disability
  • Accommodations that have worked for you in the past
  • Whether the accommodation will allow you to access and participate in the course or program effectively
  • Whether the accommodation will alter the essential requirements of the course or program


The accommodation plan is completed after the initial appointment with the Disability Services coordinator. The accommodation plan is emailed to the student, who shares the plan to instructors each semester. Plans are updated yearly, or earlier if needed.

When to Request Services

Although students can request services at any time, adequate and reasonable time is required to provide appropriate accommodations. When possible, accommodations should be discussed a semester before they are to be put in place. Mid-State staff can also help with accommodations for admissions testing. If you require interpreters, assistive technology, or modified materials, contact the Disability Services coordinator at least one month before classes start.


Accommodations are provided at no cost to the student.

Appeal Procedure

If you are denied accommodations or disagree with decisions about services or accommodations, there is an appeal procedure.