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Financial Aid Disbursement Dates

Disbursement means the Financial Aid Office has applied funds from your financial aid award (such as grants and student loans) to any tuition, fees, or book charges owed on your student account. If there is any money left over once your disbursement pays your tuition, fees, and/or book voucher, you will receive the remainder of that money in the form of a refund.  More than one refund may be sent due to disbursement timing. Please go to your MyMSTC>Student Center>Finances

Refunds are processed within one week after funds are disbursed into the student account & all charges have been paid in full.

Disbursement Date
Aid Applied to Student Account
Type of Financial Aid

Summer 2022 Semester

July 6, 2022 Grants and Scholarships
July 6, 2022 Direct Loan First Disbursement
July 13, 2022 Direct Loan Second Disbursement*

Fall 2022 Semester

September 14, 2022 Grants and Scholarships
September 21, 2022 Direct Loan First Disbursement
October 19, 2022 Direct Loan Second Disbursement*

Spring 2023 Semester

February 15, 2023 Grants and Scholarships
February 22, 2023 Direct Loan First Disbursement
March 29, 2023 Direct Loan Second Disbursement*

*Direct Loan Second Disbursements are for loans that have been accepted for one term only.