A Mid-State Technical College Nursing student prepares an injectable medication after assessing the patient, calculating the medication amount, and following several safety steps to ensure the patient is receiving the correct medication. Hands-on practice is a critical component of the program and supports the transfer of theory into clinical practice. Nursing Schools Almanac has again named Mid-State’s Nursing program in the top ten among nursing schools in the state.
October 6, 2021

Mid-State’s Nursing program again a top-ten nursing school in Wisconsin

October 6, 2021

The Nursing instruction at Mid-State Technical College has again attracted statewide recognition, achieving top-ten rankings in Nursing Schools Almanac’s 2021 lists of the best nursing programs. The program is listed as number six in the rankings, out of 19 Wisconsin programs evaluated. The designation adds to the list of top-ten rankings the Nursing program has garnered in recent years, including the 2020 Best RN Programs from RegisteredNursing.org. 

Mid-State’s NCLEX RN exam pass rate among first-time test-takers was used in the Nursing School Almanac’s award methodology. Would-be registered nurses in the United States must pass the NCLEX before practice can commence, and the exam is widely considered an excellent benchmark for comparing the relative quality of associate degree nursing programs. Mid-State’s pass rate for the years analyzed was 94.4 percent for its Nursing program students.

“Our eleven Nursing program faculty have a combined 238 years of nursing experience,” said Deb Johnson-Schuh, Mid-State’s dean of health. “The success of this program is built on their teaching excellence and the unflagging support they show for our hard-working Nursing students. It’s exciting to see Mid-State continue to rank near the top of Nursing programs in the state, all to the benefit of our communities across the district as local employers are able to find quality nurses to meet the growing demand.”

The mission of Nursing Schools Almanac is to provide aspiring nurses a detailed, comprehensive and analytical resource for selecting their future nursing school. It has published its annual rankings of the top nursing schools since 2016, adding rankings of the best associated degree nursing programs at the state level this year.

Learn more about Mid-State’s Nursing program at mstc.edu/programs.