Mother dressed in military uniform receives kiss on the cheek from her young son.
July 19, 2023

Mid-State to host veteran education benefits event

July 19, 2023

Veterans, service members, and their qualified family members are invited to attend Mid-State Technical College’s Veteran Benefits Bootcamp. The event will highlight how to use Veteran Affairs (VA) education benefits and will be held on Wednesday, July 26, from 4 to 6 p.m. on the Wisconsin Rapids Campus. 

Attendees will prepare for the upcoming fall semester with opportunities to apply to Mid-State for free, receive program recommendations based on military duties and learn how to receive credit for prior learning and experience for time in the military or past college credits.

“The Veteran Benefits Bootcamp is a great opportunity for veterans and their eligible spouses and dependent children to meet with our local County Veteran Service Officers,” said Christy Whitworth, Air Force veteran and Mid-State’s financial aid & veteran benefits coordinator. “Many eligible veterans and their families have left previous events with more than just getting their educational benefits started. This is a great opportunity for our veterans to see what additional resources are available to them and to get extra assistance if needed long term.” 

In addition to the Veteran Benefits Bootcamp, Cougar Kick-Start will be happening at the same time and location for those who are interested in starting at Mid-State in the spring but are not eligible for VA education benefits. Learn more and register for Cougar Kick-Start at 

Learn more and register for Veteran Benefits Bootcamp at