Woman holding six different boxes labeled as follows:small in-person classes, innovative technology options, online classes, save money on university transfer, no fee to apply, and Mid-State pillar logo. Beneath the image is the text: Experience Choice Risk Free
August 11, 2020

Mid-State increases choice and support for students heading into fall semester

August 11, 2020

The fall semester at Mid-State Technical College will launch on August 24 with unprecedented choice, flexibility and support. The changes are designed to provide risk-free options so students can confidently enroll in classes this fall and build an approach to learning they feel comfortable with, all while staying on track to earn their degree.

Mid-State’s risk-free experience includes:

  • Student’s choice of small, in-person classes; entirely online options; or innovative technology options.
  • Optional free tutorials to introduce students to Mid-State’s online learning platform and help them get comfortable with online learning. 
  • Many options for guaranteed class transfer to UWs and more. 
  • Ability to pre-order books for home delivery, curbside pickup, or bookstore pickup.
  • Waived application fee (a $30 value).

According to Manager of K–12 and Adult Recruitment Jackie Esselman, the new options this year will give students the best experience possible, allowing them to attend entirely from home, attend campus occasionally or attend on a more regular basis in a small group classroom environment. All small group in-person offerings will follow Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the Wisconsin Department of Health Services (DHS) recommendations, promoting a healthy and safe learning environment.

“For those leaning toward online instruction, we’ve also developed individualized tutorials students can enroll in at no cost to get comfortable with the technology before they get in the classroom,” she said. “These prep classes allow students to make connections with college staff and systems prior to classes starting, setting them up for success and eliminating any risk with technology barriers.”

Esselman also emphasized Mid-State’s course and degree transfer options to a wide variety of universities. Offerings this fall include flexible options for adults looking to learn a new skill or explore options for a path to advancement in their current career or a new one. High school students facing uncertainty about their plans to start college this fall will find many transferable classes that let them stay close to home while working toward a bachelor’s degree and saving in tuition costs, and the College’s University Transfer Liberal Arts programs give students the ability to complete their general education at Mid-State and allow for guaranteed transfer to any of the UW System schools, including UW-Madison.