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July 5, 2023

Mid-State announces spring 2023 Dean’s List

July 5, 2023

Mid-State Technical College has announced its Dean’s List for the 2023 spring semester. This recognition is reserved for Mid-State students who have enrolled in six or more credits and have earned a minimum grade point average (GPA) of 3.75 during the semester. 
The list is sorted by student’s city of residence and last name. Cities are in Wisconsin unless otherwise indicated.

Adams: Anna Dahlke, IT Software Developer; Jordan Dolata, Business Management; Samuel Downey, IT Software Developer.

Almond: Ryan Bunsen, Automotive Technician; Sam Disher, Precision Machining Technician; Robert Frank, Business Management; Orion Kunst, IT Security Specialist; Terren Spranger, Business Management; Jessica Trevino, Cosmetology.

Amherst: Aubrey Aldrich, Cosmetology; Chelsea Graham, Nursing; Jessica Hooper, Nursing; Ian Polzin, IT Security Specialist.

Amherst Junction: Chase Glodowski, Precision Machining Technician; Jake Hunger, Business Management; Hunter Liebe, Business Management; Daniel Plank, IT Network Specialist.

Appleton: Haylee Emer, Business Management.

Arkdale: Mark Kane, Emergency Services Management; Jay Rain, Liberal Arts-Associate of Science; Olivia VanWhye, Early Childhood Education.

Arpin: Kaycee McCarthy, Health & Wellness Promotion; Barron Taylor, Criminal Justice-Studies.

Athens: Cynthia Alvarez, Business Management.

Auburndale: Nathan Nikolay, Construction Trades; Celia Piesik, Criminal Justice-Corrections & Community Advocacy.

Balsam Lake: Madalyn Kolstad, Criminal Justice-Corrections & Community Advocacy.

Bancroft: Brianna Rennie, Nursing; Brady Sturzl, Project Management; Grace Sturzl, Liberal Arts-Associate of Science; Ella Winn, Business Management; Rayelynn Wojcik, Nursing.

Baraboo: Ashley Klang, Human Resources Assistant.

Black River Falls: Kasey Overlien, Entrepreneurship.

Bloomer: Nicole Metcalf, Medical Coder.

Chili: Samantha Schultz, Business Management; Caleb Winkel, Precision Machining Technician.

Colby: Amber Muehlbauer, Respiratory Therapy.

Coloma: Katie Holman, Human Resources Assistant.

Cottage Grove: Alyssa Puccio, Nursing.

Crandon: Jacinta Wilson, Accounting.

Custer: Hannah Anderson, Liberal Arts-Associate of Arts; Macie Cohen, Business Management; Taylor Cook, Cosmetology; Victoria Degroot, Medical Coder; Cheyenne Stoflet, Medical Assistant; Jonathan Tritz, Business Management; Lillian Webb, Precision Machining Technician; Madison Woitczak, Business Management.

Eau Claire: Carolyn Laumeyer, Health Information Management.

Friendship: Sade Covington, Cosmetology; Michelle Harrison, Health Information Management; Aviana Kelly, Criminal Justice-Studies; Kurtis Miller, Accounting Assistant; Nicole Mrzena, Business Management; Stephanie Repta, Business Management; Morgan Rowell, Accounting; Skyler Turtenwald, Liberal Arts-Associate of Science; Austin Wise, Office Support Specialist.

Grand Marsh: Vanessa Beers, Business Management.

Granton: Cody Havlik, Precision Machining Technician; Lana Stone, Accounting; Dolorosa Thomas, Criminal Justice-Studies.

Hancock: Sydney Cooper, Nursing; Samantha Hill, Accounting; Ashley Hindes, Criminal Justice-Corrections & Community Advocacy; Lauren Scurto, Digital Marketing.

Hartford: Kera Graf, Business Management.

Hillsboro: James Ueeck, Business Management.

Iola: Kenneth Johnson, Criminal Justice-Studies.

Junction City: Joshua Mathews, Precision Machining Technician; Morgan Przybelski, Business Management.

Larsen: Abby Ruedinger, Nursing.

Lodi: Russell Schafer, Emergency Services Management.

Loyal: Erin Larson, Criminal Justice-Corrections & Community Advocacy; Matthew Szymanski, Diesel & Heavy Equipment Technician.

Marshfield: Dana Anderson, Arborist Technician; Jessica Backus, Administrative Professional; Tanya Barth, Leadership Development; David Florida, IT Network Specialist; Tanner Genett, Business Management; Alfred Hart, Criminal Justice-Studies; Tessa Helmert, Stainless Steel Welding; Ashley Herman, Nursing; Sierra Horban, Digital Marketing; Matthew Irwin, Customer Relationship Professional; Elijah Karl, Automotive Technician; Candice Kohlbeck, IT Software Developer; Christopher Lang, Project Management; Dylan Lang, Accounting; Polly Langfoss, Accounting; Kristin Litwaitis, Leadership Development; Matthew McCall, Business Management; Jodi Meyer, Business Management; Danielle Nauman, Digital Marketing; Emma Oliver, Nursing; Christy Olsen, Business Management; Hannah Olson, Surgical Technology; Craig Rekis, Stainless Steel Welding; Alison Sayer, Nursing; Katelynn Seehafer, Surgical Technology; Tammy Solberg, Accounting; Jacob Steinhoff, Respiratory Therapy; Chloe Strasser, Cosmetology; Tristen Symons, Surgical Technologist; Angela Thompson, Entrepreneurship; Marion Wilcox, Respiratory Therapy; Dustin Zdun, Stainless Steel Welding; Kristin Zdun, Accounting; Samuel Zugier, Digital Marketing.

Mauston: Gary Thomsen III, Construction Trades.

Merrill: Michaela Weik, Respiratory Therapy.

Milladore: Michael King, IT Network Specialist; Cassidy Northway, Digital Marketing; Lauren Peplinski, Health Information Management.

Montello: Brittany Beahm, Criminal Justice-Studies.

Mosinee: Stephanie Radtke, Business Management.

Mukwonago: Wendy Zvara, Health Information Management.

Necedah: Toni Erickson, Nursing; Ryan Glavin, EMT-Paramedic; Jose Gomez, Culinary Arts; Amber Loging, Cosmetology.

Neenah: Paul Kenealy, Emergency Services Management.

Neillsville: Chiaki Friemoth, Nursing; Amanda Morstatter, Business Management.

Nekoosa: Steven Altreuther, Business Management; Maria Boggs, Liberal Arts-Associate of Arts; Ashton Bredda, Business Management; Orion Bredda, IT Network Specialist; Kallee Dhein, Business Management; Tia Machon, Customer Relationship Professional; Shantel Masonick, Nursing; Sierra Richards, Nursing; Alyssa Schladweiler, Business Management; Kelli Spees, Liberal Arts-Associate of Science; Lilly-Jo Stojak, Business Management.

New Richmond: Gavin Anderson, Criminal Justice-Law Enforcement 720 Academy.

Northfield, Minn.: Adeline Nelson, Liberal Arts-Associate of Arts.

Oxford: Jaden Wright, Business Management.

Pittsville: Kennedy Carlson, Health & Wellness Promotion; Elizabeth Holford, Criminal Justice-Corrections & Community Advocacy; Emma Huber, Accounting; Teri Weinfurter, Medical Assistant.

Plainfield: Jackson Beggs, Criminal Justice-Studies; Emily Betro, Early Childhood Education; Andrea Durrant, Agribusiness Agronomy Technician; Faith LaBarge, Health & Wellness Promotion; Shae LaBarge, Health & Wellness Promotion; Hailey Rompasky, Cosmetology.

Plover: Kimberly Baity, Arborist Technician; Isaac Beihoffer, IT Security Specialist; Raymond Brown, Business Management; Emily Corbin, Medical Coder; Andrew David, Automotive Technician; Vanessa Escorza, Medical Assistant; Alex Felckowski, Business Management; Taylor Felmer, Medical Assistant; Chloe Flagel, Nursing; Alyssa Gethers, Digital Marketing; Joel Guerrero, IT Network Specialist; Nicholas Hackman, IT Security Specialist; Amanda Henfer, Business Management; Renee Kinney, Entrepreneurship; Jessica Kruzicki, Early Childhood Education; Bernard Laforest, Business Management; Sydney LaForest, Digital Marketing; Zachary Livernash, Entrepreneurship; Karla Lopez, Cosmetology; Lukas Lotzer, Renewable Energy Technician; Teressa Morton, Barber Technologist; Yia Moua, Criminal Justice-Studies; Emma Nelson, Business Management; Elizabeth Pacyna, Cosmetology; Hlaing Phoo Myint, IT Software Developer; Chayna Rodriguez, Criminal Justice-Corrections & Community Advocacy; Benjamin Sellnow, IT Security Specialist; Crystal Strossner, Cosmetology; Aaron Thorstad, Manufacturing Operations Management; Stacy Weeks, Paramedic Technician.

Port Edwards: Maisie Cumberland, Nursing; Andrew Hepp, Business Management; Shayla McDonald, Cosmetology; Jeremiah Prust, Renewable Energy Technician; Amanda Tranel, Liberal Arts-Associate of Arts; Krista Williams, Cosmetology.

Portage: Austin Gilden, Criminal Justice-Studies.

Quinnesec, Mich.: Joshua Viau, Automation & Instrumentation Technology.

Random Lake: Jacob Williamson, Emergency Services Management.

Reedsburg: Nicole Baumann, Nursing; Molly Meyer, Nursing.

Rice Lake: Amber Stewart, Accounting.

Richmond: Collin Eskew, Paramedic Technician.

Rosholt: Brooklyn Karch, Surgical Technologist.

Rudolph: Kathryn Dumke, Project Management; Macie Zopfi, Stainless Steel Welding.

Scandinavia: Samantha Buss, Early Childhood Education.

Spencer: Paige Bauer, Business Management; Matthew Clark, Precision Machining Technician; Jessica Nowaczyk, Accounting.

Stevens Point: Ella Adams, Business Management; Lloyd Anseth, Renewable Energy Technician; Tucker Bart, Firefighter Technician; Joshua Belt, IT Network Specialist; Wesley Calawerts, Liberal Arts-Associate of Arts; Laura Callahan, Human Resources Assistant; Kaytia Castillo, Health & Wellness Promotion; Austin Cavanaugh, Respiratory Therapy; Dylan Ciurro, Accounting; Makayla Dahms, Digital Marketing; Traci Dean, Cosmetology; Katrina Dunbar, Nursing; Wayde Ernstmeyer, Criminal Justice-Law Enforcement 720 Academy; Ryan Flowerette, Health & Wellness Promotion; Tracy Gajewski, Accounting; Brittney Garceau, Early Childhood Education; Brandon Hall, Business Management; Dylan Hartwig, Nursing; Dylan Hellberg, Business Management; Jordan Hendrickson, IT Security Specialist; Jared Higgins, Fire Protection Technician; Margaret Hirzy, Business Management; Samantha Hoch, Nursing; David Horgan, Business Management; Lucas Hughes, Criminal Justice-Law Enforcement 720 Academy; Leanne Hurlburt, Accounting Assistant; Justin Kempinger, IT Network Specialist; Henry Kerske, Precision Machining Technician; Marylou Kesterson, Nursing; William Klismith, Criminal Justice-Law Enforcement 720 Academy; Angela Kolb, Culinary Arts; Jenna Koziol, Digital Marketing; Brianna Krause, Criminal Justice-Corrections & Community Advocacy; Katherine Krause, Liberal Arts-Associate of Arts; Ben Kroening, Business Management; Francis Kubowski, Liberal Arts-Associate of Arts; Kaitlin Ladwig, Hospitality Management; Morgan Mallek, Surgical Technologist; Jason Mattison, Business Management; Erin Mcdonagh, Health Information Management; Liam Mcguire, Liberal Arts-Associate of Science; Mollie Mckay, Business Management; Samuel Mijal, IT Network Specialist; Grace Miller, Early Childhood Education; Aubrey Moldenhauer, Hospitality Management; Melissa Molski, IT Software Developer; Cara Nitka, Business Management; Sabrina Okeefe, Liberal Arts-Associate of Arts; Heidi Osborne, Criminal Justice-Corrections & Community Advocacy; Bianca Patino, Criminal Justice-Studies; Luke Pekarek, Precision Machining Technician; Joshua Peltier, Health Information Management; Kristen Peltier, Entrepreneurship; Jodie Pierce, Business Management; Lyle Piontek, Criminal Justice-Law Enforcement 720 Academy; Ian Poeske, Business Management; GraceLyn Potocki, Early Childhood Education; Jackson Przekurat, Business Management; Anna Rzentkowski, Early Childhood Education; Andrew Sarasin, Automation & Instrumentation Technology; Spencer Severson, Hospitality Management; Lindsea Skerven, Business Management; Savanah Sparkman Mohammed, Business Management; Brittany Stevens, Administrative Professional; Halie Stucker, Business Management; Aaron Taylor, Liberal Arts-Associate of Arts; Noah Tolbert, Liberal Arts-Associate of Arts; Evan Tuskowski, Automation & Instrumentation Technology; Seng Vang, Business Management; Krista Wallen, Medical Coder; Kristin Weiss, Accounting Assistant; Lydia Will, Nursing; Kylie Wilson, Early Childhood Education; Ava Woodbury, Early Childhood Education; Noah Woyak, IT Software Developer; Zachary Woyak, IT Software Developer; Nyoua Xiong, Digital Marketing.

Stratford: Cassondra Andrew, Nursing; Kevin Bornbach, Accounting; Carlos Diaz, Stainless Steel Welding; Logan Loveland, Nursing; Amber Sanders, Liberal Arts-Associate of Science.

Tomah: Karl Lukan, IT Software Developer.

Vesper: Tami Abel, Business Management; Miranda Huber, Business Management.

Waupaca: Anna Abrams, Paramedic Technician; Boone Lorenz, EMT-Paramedic; Caleb Mullet, Precision Machining Technician; Nole Oltesvig, Nursing.

Wausau: Rose Horton, Surgical Technology; Holly Moeller, Health Information Management; Sierra Moeller, Health & Wellness Promotion; Wendy Rausch, Health Information Management; Brianna Sparr, Respiratory Therapy; Christopher White, Paramedic Technician; Aaron Wulk, Manufacturing Operations Management; Kathleen Yang, Respiratory Therapy.

Wautoma: Fabiola Rodriguez, Nursing.

Westfield: Mitchell McGrath, Digital Marketing.

Wild Rose: Christopher Guderski, Paramedic Technician; Garrik Kjentvet, Criminal Justice-Law Enforcement 720 Academy.

Wisconsin Rapids: Tanya Barcenas, Medical Coder; Travis Maciejewski, Automation & Instrumentation Technology; Justin Allison, Industrial Mechanical Technician; Jacob Ambroziak, Automation & Instrumentation Technology; Amber Barton, Nursing; Heather Bram, Accounting; Abigail Bush, Liberal Arts-Associate of Arts; Jamie Chapley, Medical Coder; Samantha Christianson, Accounting; Mycaela Damrau, Accounting; Heather Doering, Accounting; Elizabeth Downs, Paramedic Technician; Andrew Dulin, Business Management; Taylor Dvoran, Business Management; Maisee Glinski, Business Management; Alyssa Gollon, Health & Wellness Promotion; Dylan Haegerl, Diesel & Heavy Equipment Technician; Samantha Hanley, Nursing; Courtney Hattery, Barber Technologist; Amy Haydock, Accounting; Luke Henderson, Business Management; Trinadee Hernandez-Stoflet, Accounting; Garrett Huber, Fire Protection Technician; Katrina Jabbi, Business Management; Aimee Johnson, Health Information Management; Jenna Johnson, Criminal Justice-Corrections & Community Advocacy; Quintin Kauffman, IT Security Specialist; Justin Kells, Manufacturing Operations Management; Caleb Keuntjes, Customer Relationship Professional; Ger Khang, Business Management; Amber Kitowski, Business Management; Branden Koch, Precision Machining Technician; Russell Kuhn, Business Management; Robert Kukla, Business Management; Trenton Larson, Liberal Arts-Associate of Arts; Desiree LaVake, IT Security Specialist; Nicole Lawson, Arborist Technician; Leeanna Lindner, Criminal Justice-Corrections & Community Advocacy; Marshall Maltz, Industrial Mechanical Technician; Tessa Mcmahon, Liberal Arts-Associate of Arts; Megan Munro, Nursing; Mat Neidlein, Business Management; Andie Netz, Early Childhood Education; Riley Ort, Liberal Arts-Associate of Science; Mariah Ortiz, Criminal Justice-Corrections & Community Advocacy; Jada Panko, Criminal Justice-Corrections & Community Advocacy; Lacey Peck, Paramedic Technician; Tawnya Penyak, Culinary Arts; Jasmine Pleet, Business Management; Jessica Richards, Early Childhood Education; Xavier Richards, Stainless Steel Welding; Jana Rodriguez, Entrepreneurship; Samantha Saylor, Liberal Arts-Associate of Arts; Crystal Scheibe, Human Resources Assistant; Kaitlyn Schleisner, Business Management; Kylie Schleisner, Business Management; Matthew Schneider, Stainless Steel Welding; Scott Schneider, Industrial Mechanical Technician; Scott Straw, Business Management; Stacy Taylor, Nursing; Gabriella Turner, Business Management; Jacob VanErt, Criminal Justice-Studies; Melissa Vang, Cosmetology; Raice Wallner, Precision Machining Technician; Whitney Weise, Cosmetology; Leah Whittemore, Nursing; Chong Xiong, IT Software Developer; Malia Xiong, Culinary Arts; Jenna Zopfi, Stainless Steel Welding.