A graduation cap and diploma with the Mid-State logo and text reading, "Fall 2021 Dean's List."
January 25, 2022

Mid-State announces fall 2021 Dean’s List

January 25, 2022

Mid-State Technical College has announced its Dean’s List for the 2021 fall semester. This recognition is reserved for Mid-State students who have enrolled in six or more credits and have earned a minimum grade point average (GPA) of 3.75 during the semester. 
The list is sorted by student’s city of residence and last name. Cities are in Wisconsin unless otherwise indicated.

Adams: Allen Baumgartner, Business Management; Samuel Downey, IT Software Developer; Mickaila Laube, Medical Coder; Talon Marden-Anderson, Criminal Justice-Studies; Barbara Presley, Respiratory Therapy; Adam Roseberry, Liberal Arts-Associate of Arts.

Almond: Maxwell Turzinski, Agribusiness and Science Technology.

Amherst: Zimrije Alimi, Nursing; Madel Bohman, IT Computer Support Specialist; Midajah Decker, Early Childhood Education; Dakota Dieter, Agribusiness and Science Technology; Tanya Mitchell, Business Management; Ian Polzin, IT Computer Support Specialist; Madeleine Reischman, Nursing; Terren Spranger, Business Management; Jakob Struble, Machine Tool Technician.

Arkdale: Christopher Cremeens, IT Software Developer.

Arpin: Mary Dain, Nursing; Elly Haines, Cosmetology; Barron Taylor, Criminal Justice-Studies; Ananda Wyant, Cosmetology.

Auburndale: Samuel Karl, Machine Tool Technician.

Chili: Heather Pardi, Accounting.

Clintonville: Jaci Brandl, Hospitality Management.

Colby: Amber Muehlbauer, Respiratory Therapy; Brittany Rincon, Nursing.

Cottage Grove: Alyssa Puccio, Nursing.

Custer: Kimberly Borski, Project Management; Lindley Schenk, Human Resources Assistant; Camille Solheid, Phlebotomy Technician.

Dorchester: Heather Reyes, Criminal Justice-Studies.

Edgar: Britta Martyn, Business Management.

Friendship: Jaron Adsit, Business Management; Lindsay Arnold, Cosmetology; I Bink, Criminal Justice-Studies; Roger Fenn, Liberal Arts-Associate of Arts; Nicole Mrzena, Business Management; Morgan Rowell, Business Management; Skyler Turtenwald, Liberal Arts-Associate of Science.

Gladstone, Mich.: Andrew Sarasin, Industrial Automation & Controls Engineering Technology.

Grand Marsh: Sarah Robertson, Business Management.

Granton: Sarah Barron, Business Management; Cody Havlik, Machine Tool Technician.
Greenwood: Casey Susa, Accounting.

Hancock: Addison Schubert, Early Childhood Education.

Hatley: Emily Norrbom, Respiratory Therapy.

Iola: Brittany Anderson, Nursing; Elisabeth Guilliams, Nursing Assistant; Kenneth Johnson, Criminal Justice-Studies; Heather Lynch, Nursing.

Junction City: Michelle Beranek, Respiratory Therapy; Kyla Degler, Accounting; Morgan Przybelski, Business Management; Brittany Servis, Accounting.

Kronenwetter: Austin Shulfer, Fire Protection Technician.

Laona: Jennifer Thornton, Digital Marketing Promotions.

Loyal: Tiffany Behrens, Medical Assistant; Matthew Szymanski, Diesel & Heavy Equipment Technician.

Madison: Aden Montezuma, Stainless Steel Welding.

Marshfield: Andrew Attebury, Business Management; Lorie Baker, Phlebotomy Technician; Whitley Behm, Nursing; Anna Burich, Early Childhood Education; Jessica Dartt, Medical Assistant; Rebecca Emerson, Nursing; Brittney Gabel, Nursing; Tanner Genett, Business Management; Benjamin Gust, Business Management; Polly Hayden, Accounting; Wyatt Heier, Respiratory Therapy; Nicole Hoff, Digital Marketing; Sierra Horban, Digital Marketing; Candice Kohlbeck, IT Software Developer; Jessica Kuchta, Nursing; Tayler Lamothe, Nursing; Joshua Levoy, Machine Tool Technician; Melissa Machtan, Medical Assistant; Jr Owen, Business Management; Jenna Paisley, Surgical Technologist; Amelia Reyes, Nursing; Jenna Rogers, Business Management; Madyson Schultz, Business Management; Brandon Taylor, Nursing; Dawson Taylor, Machine Tool Technician; Jacob Twardowski, Accounting; Lindsey Tyrolt, Medical Assistant; Sarah Venzke, Medical Assistant; Samuel Zugier, Digital Marketing.

Milladore: Zachary Kohlbeck, IT Network Specialist; Lauren Peplinski, Health Information Management; Rebecca Smith, Corrections & Community Advocacy.

Minocqua: Mallori Zoesch, Business Management; Montello: Brittany Beahm, Criminal Justice-Studies; Kelsey Borzick, Phlebotomy Technician.

Mosinee: Chyloe Bean, Respiratory Therapy; Jordan Gruber, Respiratory Therapy; Stephanie Hogan, Business Management; Christina Pliska, Liberal Arts-Associate of Arts.

Necedah: Katherine Carter, Nursing; Samantha DeGuire, Cosmetology; Kelly Zavala, Business Management.

Neenah: Paul Kenealy, Emergency Services Management; Stappen Van, Emergency Services Management.

Neillsville: Ashley Magnuson, Corrections & Community Advocacy; Amanda Morstatter, Human Resources Assistant.

Nekoosa: Ryan Arnett, Respiratory Therapy; Anna Austin, Business Management; Angela Brost, Medical Coder; Sarah Bulin, Cosmetology; Candace Cardinal, Business Management; Khacelyn Doucette, Accounting; Kaden Jackson, Liberal Arts-Associate of Arts; Kyle Kizewski, Fire Protection Technician; Mallory Krause, Medical Assistant; Emma Levy, Health Information Management; MItch Lubecke, IT Software Developer; Austin Mohr, Civil Engineering Technology-Highway Technician; Justin Mortel, Criminal Justice-Law Enforcement 720 Academy; Alana Raymond, Business Management; Boden Smith, IT Software Developer; Aleah Spanske, Medical Assistant; Cassandra Sullivan, Surgical Technologist.

Oshkosh: Bretta Eggebeen, Medical Assistant.

Pittsville: Emma Huber, Business Management; Jessie Rasmussen, Digital Marketing; David Sojka, Agribusiness Agronomy Technician; Federwitz Wolf, Nursing.

Plainfield: Jackson Beggs, Criminal Justice-Studies; Mary Ganzel, IT Software Developer; Arriola Gonzalez, Nail Technician; Sandra Nigh, Business Management.

Plover: Isaac Beihoffer, IT Security Specialist; Kamron Clark, IT Software Developer; Emily Corbin, Surgical Technologist; Mara Daniels, Corrections & Community Advocacy; Amanda Dorland, Cosmetology; Nadine Dunning, Cosmetology; Amanda Estok, Nursing; Courtney Holven, Nursing; Renee Kinney, Health & Wellness Promotion; Anna Koback, Business Management; Erik Koczorowski, Business Management; Bernard Laforest, Business Management; Juan Landeros, Barber Technologist;  Yia Moua, Criminal Justice-Studies; Brittany Nelson, Business Management; Nicole Radomski, Health Information Management; Noah Robenhagen, Diesel & Heavy Equipment Technician; Elliot Schmoll, Criminal Justice-Studies; Benjamin Sellnow, IT Security Specialist; Jordan Shostak, IT Software Developer; Leo Smith, Liberal Arts-Associate of Arts; Aaron Thorstad, Manufacturing Operations Management; Nicholas Weisenberger, IT Network Specialist; Destiny Zimmerman, Business Management.

Port Edwards: Andrew Moos, Industrial Automation & Controls Engineering Technology; Erin Sparks, Corrections & Community Advocacy.

Poy Sippi: Jacob Ahlf, Arborist Technician.

Red Granite: Jarin Krueger, Business Management.

Rosholt: Brooklyn Karch, Fire Protection Technician.

Rothschild: Thong Thao, Electrical Power Engineering Technician.

Saint Michael, Minn.: Tyler Petersen, Industrial Mechanical Technician.

Schofield: Davianne Cottrell, Phlebotomy Technician; Ryan Flowerette, Health & Wellness Promotion; Staci Kamke, Nursing.

Spencer: Andrea Bauer, Accounting Assistant; Jewelene Quelle, Business Management.

Stevens Point: Brock Brunner, Entrepreneurship; Claire Cashin, Nursing; Kristal Chamberlain, Business Management; Haley Crawford, Business Management; Jared Crego, Surgical Technologist; Nathaniel Disher, EMT-Paramedic; Lawrence Eckendorf, Accounting Assistant; Stewart Farnum, Nursing Assistant; Luke Fourness, EMT-Paramedic; Alison Gruszynski, Medical Assistant; Melissa Guerrero, Accounting; Dylan Hellberg, Business Management; Margaret Hirzy, Business Management; Amy Hoffbeck, Medical Assistant; Briawna Johnson, Medical Assistant; Jaden Jones, Medical Assistant; Jonathan Keller, Criminal Justice-Studies; Megan Kitzrow, Accounting; Daniel Konopacky, Machine Tool Technician; Hadley Koula, Nursing; Jenna Koziol, Digital Marketing Promotions; Ethan Krawczyk, IT Network Specialist; Francis Kubowski, Liberal Arts-Associate of Arts; Vicki Ladecki, Business Management; Kaitlin Ladwig, Hospitality Management; Leah Lueck, IT Computer Support Specialist; Morgan Mallek, Surgical Technologist; Jason Mattison, Business Management; Melissa McDonagh, Respiratory Therapy; Mollie Mckay, Business Management; Edward Miller, Paramedic Technician; Krysta Miller, Health & Wellness Promotion; Mary Morgan, Liberal Arts-Associate of Arts; Kelley Nagorski, Accounting; Jessica Nellessen, Accounting; Cara Nitka, Business Management; Dominic Perrine, IT Software Developer; Madeline Polum, Surgical Technologist; Kristian Raspanti, Business Management; Alejandro Rodriguez, Business Management; Jessica Roh, Nursing; Rickie Schmidt, IT Security Specialist; Samuel Schmitz, IT Software Developer; Olivia Schultz, Nursing; Kyle Sebree, IT Software Developer; Lindsea Skerven, Business Management; Deanna Stockheimer, Health & Wellness Promotion; Teresa Story, Nursing; Halie Stucker, Criminal Justice-Studies; Travis Swan, Criminal Justice-Law Enforcement 720 Academy; Aaron Taylor, Business Management; Toua Vang, Accounting; Joshua Waite, Diesel & Heavy Equipment Technician; Earl Walker, Machine Tool Technician; Lydia Will, Nursing; Ava Woodbury, Early Childhood Education; Noah Woyak, IT Software Developer; Evan Zdroik, Automotive Technician.

Stratford: Cassondra Andrew, Nursing; Kelsey Seelow, Phlebotomy Technician; Cole Varsho, EMT-Paramedic.

Superior: Desiree Budzinski, Business Management.

Tomah: Brian Emerson, Nursing.

Tomahawk: Courtney Fisher, Respiratory Therapy.

Vesper: Tami Abel, Business Management; Miranda Huber, Business Management; Heidi Lee, Accounting.

Waupaca: Lisa Funk, Nursing; Samantha Holtane, Nursing.

Wausau: Hanna Fremming, Respiratory Therapy; Kasha Oelke, Health Information Management; Wendy Rausch, Health Information Management.

Wautoma: Emily Bohn, Medical Assistant; Elizabeth Buchholz, Medical Assistant; Kyleigh Troxel, Medical Coder.

West Bend: Alexandra Jensen, Health & Wellness Promotion.

Westfield: Mitchell McGrath, Digital Marketing.

Wild Rose: Kaydee Kamkes, Accounting; Jaylon Zacharias, Criminal Justice-Studies.

Wisconsin Rapids: Carlotta Ashbeck, Nail Technician; III Aspros, Criminal Justice-Law Enforcement 720 Academy; Meghan Berg, Health Information Management; Heather Bram, Business Management; Therese Combs, Paramedic Technician; Emmajewel Czlapinski, Project Management; Jared Deroche, Liberal Arts-Associate of Arts; Shelby Dixon, Accounting; Brian Donaldson, Emergency Services Management; Amanda Edgerly, Criminal Justice-Studies; Abby Evenson, Medical Assistant; Morgan Ferk, Business Management; David Florida, IT Network Specialist; Molly Fryling, Liberal Arts-Associate of Science; Amy Gaupp, Corrections & Community Advocacy; Ryan Graczkowski, Business Management; Allister Greening, Criminal Justice-Law Enforcement 720 Academy; Thomas Gustafson, Arborist Technician; Dylan Gustin, Business Management; Allison Haferman, Health & Wellness Promotion; Jr Haga, Criminal Justice-Studies; Brian Harms, Liberal Arts-Associate of Arts; Amber Haskins, Criminal Justice-Studies; Amy Haydock, Accounting; Tashonna Hickmon, Nursing; Garrett Huber, Fire Protection Technician; Jeremy Janssen, Business Management; Andrea Jeffers, Cosmetology; Jacob Johnson, Criminal Justice-Studies; Jenna Johnson, Corrections & Community Advocacy; Quintin Kauffman, IT Security Specialist; Cheyenne Kester, IT Computer Support Specialist; Ger Khang, Business Management; Staci Kivi, Business Management; Michael Klein, Criminal Justice-Law Enforcement 720 Academy; Kevin Kruger, Hospitality Management; Mykayla Lopez, Accounting; Jaren Mancl, IT Computer Support Specialist; Stephanie Mcgregor, Health & Wellness Promotion; Daniel Mientke, Automotive Technician; Carson Neinfeldt, Machine Tool Technician; Lynn Nelson, Medical Assistant; Christine Neuberger, Entrepreneurship; Elizabeth O’connor, Phlebotomy Technician; Riley Ort, Nursing; Caresse Parramoure, IT Software Developer; Jared Pelot, Industrial Automation & Controls Engineering Technology; Justin Perlak, Machine Tool Technician; Marissa Petite, Nursing; Madison Podoll, Respiratory Therapy; Bradley Renner, Manufacturing Operations Management; Hannah Rosenthal, Health Information Management; Charity Sari, Medical Coder; Matthew Senn, Manufacturing Operations Management; Ryan Sering, Arborist Technician; Roxanne Sitz, Cosmetology; Lyndsey Slusser, Business Management; Taylor Soderberg, Cosmetology; Jamie Strosin, Corrections & Community Advocacy; Andrew Swendrowski, Leadership Development; Lisa Swendrowski, Business Management; Stacy Taylor, Nursing; William Tuttle, Digital Marketing; Hli Vang, Respiratory Therapy; Hannah Vera, Nursing; Joshua Viau, Industrial Automation & Controls Engineering Technology; Cathy Vine, Accounting; Dorie Weigel, Business Management; Jessica Weigel, Accounting; Delaney Weiler, Fire Protection Technician; Jacob Weis, Automotive Technician; Kaitlin Wheeler, IT Software Developer; Hollyanne Whitehead, Cosmetology; James Wissbroecker, Renewable Energy Technician; Malia Xiong, Culinary Arts; Choua Yang, Surgical Technologist.