Mid-State to Celebrate May Graduation

May 11, 2018

Mid-State Technical College will hold simultaneous commencements at three locations beginning at 7 p.m. on Thursday, May 17. The College will celebrate the graduation of students who have completed their associate degree or technical diploma.

The Marshfield campus commencement will be held at the Hotel Marshfield (2700 South Central Avenue). Brandon Roberson, Accounting and Business Management graduate and Wisconsin Technical College System Student Ambassador, will offer the student commencement address.

The Stevens Point campus will hold its ceremony in the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point Dreyfus University Center (1015 Reserve Street).

The Wisconsin Rapids campus commencement will be held in the campus gymnasium (Building E). Mark Oie, Civil Engineering Technology-Highway Technician graduate, will deliver the student address.

The Nursing pinning will be held at 3:00 p.m. in the Wisconsin Rapids campus gymnasium.

Following is a list of Mid-State candidates for graduation based on graduation applications received as of May 11. This list is sorted by graduate candidate city and academic program. Cities are in Wisconsin unless otherwise indicated.

Barber Technologist: Jesus Parra

Business Management: Mariah Baggs and Jacob Beda

Medical Coder: Nichole Ochodnicky

Accounting: Samantha Bowden
Industrial Mechanical Technician: Kim Taylor
Nursing: Alexis Roan and Baylee Voss-Plutschack

Business Management: Brianna Hunt
Diesel &
Heavy Equipment Technician: Ryan Konkol
Early Childhood Education: Victoria Decker
Machine Tool Technician: Isaac Lepinski

Amherst Junction
IT Software Developer: Chad Wolding

IT Software Developer: Aron Jones
Welding: Austin Wilkerson

Electrical Power Engineering Technician: Reese Bakken
Medical Assistant: Samantha Kosmicki and Rachel Schmuhl
Welding: Cole Sandel

Early Childhood Education: Alison Snortheim
Farm Business & Production Management: Todd Bores and Aaron Swenson
Medical Coder: Kelli Seidl

Criminal Justice-Corrections & Community Advocacy: Tina Bohn
Criminal Justice-Law Enforcement: Jacob Mocadlo
Medical Assistant: Abigail Baehman

EMT-Paramedic: Logan Rabata and Michael Weinke

Beaver Dam 
Business Management: Collin Riege

Electrical Power Engineering Technician: Brennen Olson
IT Network Specialist: Logan Arndt

Diesel & Heavy Equipment Technician: Trevor Robida

Farm Operation: Kyle Bakke

Accounting: Sandra Hagness
IT Network Specialist: Adam Gibbs
Office Support Specialist: Phyllis Brandenburg
Urban Forestry Technician: Marcus Dahms

Accounting: Jamie Seehafer
Business Management: Hannah Landon
Electrical Power Engineering Technician: Miles Fuchs
Nursing: Teri Calo

Administrative Professional: Breana Lokre
Automotive Technician: Elijah Behling and Aaron Huth
Business Management: Katie Johansson
Farm Operation: Austin Naedler

Farm Business & Production Management: Matthew Fabian
Farm Operation: Joseph Harder

Business Management: Kendra Papapetru
Nursing: Jeanette Juarez

Nursing: Dawn Johnson

Early Childhood Education: Anastasya Jensen
Nursing: Darrell Hulke

IT Network Specialist: Sam Lanting
Respiratory Therapist: Dana Steiner

Junction City
Respiratory Therapist: Katrina Czerwony

Heating, Ventilation, & Air Conditioning (HVAC): Jason Holmes

Lake Mary, Fla.
Health & Wellness Promotion: Kristine Wall

Los Angeles, Calif.
Business Management: Rifaat Schultz

Business Management: Jaelynn Young
Farm Operation: Karly Bump
Respiratory Therapist: Dawn Cook
Welding: Stephen LeMay

Accounting: Jessca Heisler, Linda Keding, Christian Louwien and Jordan Wenzel
Administrative Professional: Aubrey Kulke
Automotive Technician: Isaac Lewer
Barber Technologist: Frankie Lanier
Business Management: Paraskoviia Kolisnichenko, Julie Strey, Brandon White and Nona Zahn
Central Service Technician: Brooke Bishop and Kristen Winters
Criminal Justice-Corrections & Community Advocacy: Kevin Martin
Cosmetology: Amanda Packard
Diesel & Heavy Equipment Technician: Tyler Pachal
Early Childhood Education: Sara Hopperdietzel and Stephane Klafka
Fire Protection Technician: Travis Patton
Gas Tungsten Arc Welding (SS): Jared Radlinger
Health Informatics & Information Management: Jessica Baker and Bernice Guden
Industrial Mechanical Technician: Noah Gerdes
IT Network Specialist: Rachel Schmidt and Martha Schooley
Medical Assistant: Gabrielle Bauer, Alexandria Hauck, Jodi Jennings and Ashlee Zakrzewski
Medical Coder: Jessica Baker and Kelly Klatt
Nursing: Kelly Butler, Pamela Hutzler, Laci Lenten and Misty Staab
Office Support Specialist: Hope Hetzel and Tracy Kremer
Paramedic Technician: Chelsea Bair and Meena Thill
Phlebotomy Technician: Brandi Cooper
Renewable Energy Technician: Paul Johanek
Respiratory Therapist: Kurt Eggebrecht Jr.
Supervisory Management: Jordyn Wadle
Surgical Technologist: Joelle Frey and Alicia Grant
Technical Studies-Journey Worker: Dustin Oleson
Welding: Mark Geiger II and Joseph Schaefer

Diesel & Heavy Equipment Technician: Jesse Birkholz

Health & Wellness Promotion: Lisa Howard

Business Management: Jeannie Follen

Civil Engineering Technology-Highway Technician: Steven Borkenhagen
IT Network Specialist: Ryan Fisk

Medical Assistant: Samantha Murphy
Respiratory Therapist: Brenda Huebner

Medical Assistant: Sarah Boyer and Alissa Durham

Accounting: Belinda Hamilton
Business Management: Courtney Baron and Corinna Wiessinger
Marketing: Courtney Baron and Bradley Burt
Civil Engineering Technology-Highway Technician: Drew Nelson
Criminal Justice-Law Enforcement: Brendon Meyer
Cosmetology: Wynonna Koeshall and Ibn Wallace
Early Childhood Education: Briann Leamons
Heating, Ventilation, & Air Conditioning (HVAC): Julian Meza, Trenton Smith and Michael Trapp
Industrial Automation & Controls Engineering Technology: Kalen Schoechert and Matthew McDonald
IT Software Developer: Dwayne Corry
Machine Tool Technician: Evan Larson
Nursing: Ashly Freund
Solar Electric Technician: Julian Meza
Surgical Technologist: Olivia Anderson

Urban Forestry Technician: Samantha Ristau

Administrative Professional: Haley Van Dreese
IT Network Specialist: Dayton Kissner
Nursing: Amber Casper

Cosmetology: Gabriela Ramirez

Accounting: Kimberly Brooks and Nicholas Govett
Automotive Technician: Pheng Yang
Business Management: Katie Flees, Chris Furgason, Katelyn Herman and Emily Schreiber
Civil Engineering Technology-Highway Technician: Devree Vogel
Cosmetology: Corisa Goodman
Criminal Justice-Law Enforcement: Mark Palmer
Electrical Power Engineering Technician: Poa Chang
Health Informatics & Information Management: Juliana Spry
Industrial Automation & Controls Engineering Technology: John Weyenberg
IT Software Developer: Kyle Charneski
Machine Tool Technician: Aaron Thorstad
Marketing: Stephan McSweeney and Robert Pendergast
Medical Assistant: Gao Lo
Medical Coder: Danielle Kliegl
Nursing: Valerie Lutz and Amy Tomsyck
Paramedic Technician: Hillary Loomis
Phlebotomy Technician: Steffani Austin and Perla Mireles
Respiratory Therapist: April Martin

Port Edwards
Early Childhood Education: Heather Eklund

Rochester, Minn.
Accounting: Alicia Babler

Cosmetology: Brenna Morgan
Early Childhood Education: Shaina Gagas
IT Software Developer: Preston Morgan

Business Management: Dawn Ciesielski and Devon Zopfi
Customer Relationship Professional: Matthew Thomas
Early Childhood Education: Chatek Becher
Industrial Automation & Controls Engineering Technology: Jarrett Mancl

Savanna, Ill.
Urban Forestry Technician: Brandon Anderson

Cosmetology: Alaina Kadrlik
EMT-Paramedic: Dillon Cook
Nursing: Melissa Cullen
Welding: Benjamin Radzinski

Medical Assistant: Penny Gumz

Stevens Point
Accounting: Craig Chappel
Administrative Professional: Robin Krueger
Business Management: Megan Fromfeld, Heather Gustin, Michael Keough, Shawn Payne and Allison Wendt
Civil Engineering Technology-Highway Technician: Brady Erickson, Pat Molski and Jeremy Slowinski
Cosmetology: Kora Stanley
Criminal Justice-Law Enforcement: Thomas Hirst, Tanner Lepinski, Jarred Studinski and Steven Thao
Customer Relationship Professional: Tegan Kujawa and Kevin Reed
Diesel & Heavy Equipment Technician: Trevor Plaski and Shelby Swan
Early Childhood Education: Hanna Wetzel
Electrical Power Engineering Technician: Jacob Colby
Farm Operation: Nicholas Chapman
Gerontology: Jodi Szymanski
Health & Wellness Promotion: Morgan Brown
Heating, Ventilation, & Air Conditioning (HVAC): Sam Fuller, Joshua Gleich and Riley Skrzeczkoski
Industrial Automation & Controls Engineering Technology: Carson Makuski
Industrial Mechanical Technician: Nathan Britz, Noah Hintz and Hunter Lodzinski
IT Network Specialist: Anthony Odell, Thomas Kildow, David Payne and Yuepheng Vang
IT Software Developer: Isaiah Zdroik
Machine Tool Technician: Mark Wedde and Daniel Zdroik
Marketing: Zachary Szymanski and Steward Zywicki
Medical Assistant: Shelby Cronce, Maureen Patacsil and Ashley Tufte
Medical Coder: Dana Tielens
Microsoft System Administrator: Dominique Hunter
Nursing: Alexandria Baudek, Dawn Cahill, Brooke Firkus, Isaac Gorell, Jaesuk Im, Sarah LaMere, Amber Lepak and Jenni Yang
Paramedic Technician: Neil Belsky and Graeme Harrison
Phlebotomy Technician: Keisha Crable
Renewable Energy Technician: Mason Churco
Surgical Technologist: Natalie Fochs, Amber Kiehl and Jessica Kois
Urban Forestry Technician: Kyle Okray, Andrew Pratt, Shawn Pulchinski and Colin Smith
Welding: Lenardo Micheloni

Farm Business & Production Management: Kobey Spindler
Nursing: Lacy Brooks and Lori O’Neil

Nursing: Kristie Haas

Paramedic Technician: Kendall Nelson

Farm Operation: Trevor Meyer I

Cosmetology: Tina Barton
Electrical Power Engineering Technology: Austin Nelson
Phlebotomy Technician: Miranda Huber
Surgical Technologist: Kia Proctor

EMT-Paramedic: Lisa Hart

Business Management: Emily Jensen
Health & Wellness Promotion: Anna Anderson
Health Informatics & Information Management: Skye Olsen
Industrial Mechanical Technician: Jacob Spindler
IT Network Specialist: Derek Brown
Medical Coder: Skye Olsen
Microsoft System Adminstrator: Derek Brown
Surgical Technologist: Chyann Olson-Weiler
Urban Forestry Technician

Cosmetology: Miranda Beck
Heating, Ventilation, & Air Conditioning (HVAC): Daniel Coloso

Nursing: Jennifer Kolman

West Bend
Health Informatics & Information Management: Katherine Nichols
Medical Coder: Katherine Nichols

Medical Assistant: Kristi Kogle
Phlebotomy Technician: Amber Schneider

Business Management: Jade Schroeder
Marketing: Jade Schroeder

Wild Rose
Health & Wellness Promotion: Lindsey McCune
Nursing: Justine Vaughan

Wisconsin Dells
Diesel & Heavy Equipment Technician: Kurtis Magera-Bulski
Machine Tool Technician: Trevor Hutchinson

Wisconsin Rapids
Accounting: Kathy Hill, Damara Hudnell, Danielle McDonald, Deanna Rehberg and Sierra Rehberg
Administrative Professional: Tiffany Hyde, Caitlin Leonard and Peter Olsen
Automotive Maintenance Technician: Daniel Blakley and Samantha Gurzynski
Automotive Technician: Scott Moen and Christopher Reinwand
Business Management: Tyler Arneson, Renata Betro, Laurie Grube, Breonna Peckham, Shawn Rehberg and Christine Yustus
Central Service Technician: Tea Neinfeldt
Civil Engineering Technology-Highway Technician: Mark Oie
Cosmetology: Israel Blakley, Valerie Elizondo, Jasmine Luna, Willow Martin and Andie Netz
Criminal Justice-Corrections & Community Advocacy: Sharleen Mosley and Michelle Sparks
Criminal Justice-Law Enforcement: Brett Gerlach and Logan Schultz
Customer Relationship Professional: Caitlin Leonard
Diesel & Heavy Equipment Technician: Xavier Warren
Early Childhood Education: Kirsten Collins, Mary Doescher, Cassie Golke, Laura Jackan and Amber Stone
Farm Business & Production Management: Andrew Edwards and Adam Hoffmann
Fire Protection Technician: Jake Timm
Health & Wellness Promotion: Bethany Anderson and Megan Fowler
Heating, Ventilation, & Air Conditioning (HVAC): Quinn Speich
Industrial Automation & Controls Engineering Technology: Brent Milkey and Remington Nystrom
Industrial Mechanical Technician: Andrew Melvin
IT Network Specialist: Robert Blom, Benjamin Elmquist, Aaron Geister, Analyn Hilgard, Frank Tesch Jr. and Connor Tracy
IT Software Developer: Shawn Biedenbender, Rebecca Heineck and William Windsor
Machine Tool Technician: Jeffrey Jenkin, Nicholas McCrossen and Plai Thao
Marketing: Tiffany Hyde and Breonna Peckham
Medical Assistant: Hannah Bowman, Brooke Doescher, Sunshine Herr, Melissa Manz, Jazmin Soto, Allyson Stellman, Mikalah Trickle and Colleen Wiemann
Medical Coder: RaeAnn Hernandez
Microsoft System Administrator: Josh Koeshall
Nursing: Sandra Barse, Shayna Gilman, Lisa Glinski, April Hansen, Chloe Miller, Maria Richmond and Sara Steward
Office Support Specialist: Caitlin Leonard
Paramedic Technician: Austin Erdman
Phlebotomy Technician: Kira Kukainis and Jeanine Lamb
Renewable Energy Technician: William George
Respiratory Therapist: Bobbi Becker and Carly Stickney
Supervisory Management: Matthew Barker, Laurie Grube, Victoria Novack and Renee Sawyer
Surgical Technologist: Serena Grosskreutz and Ian Keena
Urban Forestry Technician: Jacob Farley and Faith Neumann
Welding: Taylor Bilberry, Daniel Haasl, Madelyn Matthews and Daniela Olivares

Medical Assistant: Robin McDonnell