Blackboard FAQ

When Will My Course Show Up on Blackboard?

You will be able to log into Blackboard the day following your registration for a course if the course is already in the Blackboard system. Follow the instructions to access the Blackboard Student Orientation, which will assist you in learning how to use Blackboard to successfully complete your course. Your course will show up on Blackboard on the course start date. It is important for you to check the start date of your course and access your course on the first day. Once you enter your course, you will see a welcome announcement from your instructor. If you do not access your online course on the first day, you may be considered a no-show and subject to withdrawal from the course.

What about textbooks?

The bookstore website will have a list of books for your course that can also be ordered online from other sources. When ordering from other sources, please ensure that your book will be delivered in a timely manner prior to the course start date.

Do I have to use the Mid-State e-mail account assigned to me?

Your Mid-State email account is the account you will use for your online course(s) and the College’s means of communicating with you. It is your responsibility to open and read your e-mail regularly.

Whom do I contact if I have questions?

If you need assistance with technical issues in Blackboard such as logging in, contact the Mid-State Help Desk at 877.469.6782. If you are experiencing other technical issues with your online course, contact us. Questions about course content need to be directed to your instructor.

Do I need special software?

For most of your online courses, you may use any word processing software. There are a few courses, such as Microsoft Office, that require specialized software. As a Mid-State student, you are authorized to install Office 365 on up to five computers. Office 365 installation instructions.

Do I need High Speed Internet?

Broadband connection to the Internet is preferred. Mid-State works to provide high quality content including streaming video and interactive web-based content in many online courses. Accessing courses with a slow Internet connection can prevent the viewing of certain content. It is your responsibility to find a way to access the content if your home Internet access is limited.

What Internet browsers can I use?

The latest versions of Chrome, Internet Explorer, Safari, or Firefox work well with Blackboard. If something doesn’t work in one browser, try another.

Dropping an Online Course

You can be dropped from an online course if you do not log in to the course within the first two days and there is a waiting list for the course, but do not assume that you will be automatically dropped. It is your responsibility to drop a course you no longer plan to complete. Once you login to the course, it is your responsibility to drop the course; you will not automatically be dropped. To drop an online course you will need to login to the student center on MyMSTC. The first section you see is Academics, click on the drop down arrow on the box, and choose Enrollment-Drop. Check the class you want to drop and follow through until you get a success message.

Is Tutoring Available for Online Students

Tutoring is available for online students either on campus or via the computer.

I have a disability. Are there services available for online courses?

Mid-State will work to accommodate the needs of online learners with disabilities. For more information visit our Disability Services area.