Betty Bruski Mallek is joined by Mid-State Technical College colleagues after receiving the Board Member of the Year Award at the January 17 Wisconsin Technical College Boards Association meeting, in Madison, Wisc. Pictured, left to right: Board treasurer Charles Spargo, College president Dr. Shelly Mondeik, Board vice chairperson Robert Beaver, award recipient Betty Bruski Mallek and Board member Richard Merdan.
January 22, 2019

Mid-State’s Betty Bruski Mallek named statewide Board Member of the Year

January 22, 2019

Betty Bruski Mallek HeadshotThe evening of January 17 was an especially proud one for Mid-State Technical College as longtime Board member Betty Bruski Mallek received the 2019 Board Member of the Year Award. The statewide honor was bestowed by Wisconsin Technical College District Boards Association executive committee vice president Vernon Jung during an awards ceremony at the organization’s quarterly meeting in Madison. 

The Board Member of the Year Award recognizes a Wisconsin Technical College district board member who has made an outstanding contribution to technical and vocational education through participation as a trustee on the local, state, regional and national levels, as well as overall service through other contributions. In addition to Bruski Mallek’s impressive record of service to central Wisconsin’s communities, she has served an incredible 27 consecutive years on the Board at Mid-State Technical College, including roles as chair for four years, secretary for 11 years and treasurer for four years. 

Bruski Mallek was lauded for her work to actively pursue and support visionary ideas for the College. Highlights included her push for facility renovations to help Mid-State attract and retain students and ensure they are prepared for today’s workforce as well as her work to facilitate the College’s 2016–17 search for a new College president, Dr. Shelly Mondeik, and implement a first-year plan to ensure a positive transition. Bruski Mallek was also recognized as a champion of Mid-State’s new Workforce & Economic Development division, formed in 2017 to expand the College’s role in addressing the skilled labor shortage and helping existing employees grow through additional training. 

At the national level, Bruski Mallek was recognized for her election last year as secretary treasurer of the District Boards Association, where she works to build and maintain relationships with state legislators on behalf of Mid-State. Her active participation in ACCT National Legislative Summits to increase awareness of Mid-State and support efforts to secure funding and local control for the College was also noted during the event.

“It is so gratifying to see Betty’s tireless devotion and innovative leadership earn her this important recognition by the Wisconsin Technical College District Boards Association,” said Mondeik. “We are incredibly proud of all she has done, and continues to do, to help Mid-State evolve to meet the changing needs of our communities.”