Stack of books with a diploma and a maroon graduation cap

Mid-State congratulates students on superior academic performance

January 27, 2019

Mid-State Technical College has announced its Dean’s List for the 2018 fall semester. This recognition is reserved for Mid-State students who have enrolled in six or more credits and have earned a minimum grade point average (GPA) of 3.75 during the semester. 
Following is the list of Mid-State’s Dean’s List recipients, sorted by student’s city of residence and last name.

Adams: Zoey Beda, Accounting; Justin Davis, Business Management; Cassandra Laessig, Cosmetology; Diana Joyce Pittsley, Administrative Professional; Stacy Taylor, Medical Assistant.

Albuquerque, NM: Heather Koch, Business Management.

Almond: Lynn Knutson-Seboe, Project Management. 

Amherst: Brian Chojnacki, Business Management; Gabrielle Heiman, Business Management; Kimberly Meyer, Business Management; McKenna Nelson, Medical Assistant; Rachel Olla, Emergency Medical Technician; Ellen Werther, Surgical Technologist; Karissa Yehling, Health & Wellness Promotion.

Amherst Junction: Nicholas Lea, Industrial Mechanical Technician; Breanna Yenter, Paramedic Technician.
Arkdale: Pamela Marquardt, Business Management; Rebecca Rossenbach, LPN to ADN; Robyn Sciaccotta, Phlebotomy Technician. 

Arpin: Thomas Hasenohrl, Diesel & Heavy Equipment Technician; Amanda Sweet, Paramedic Technician; Mary Taylor, Medical Coder; Patricia Wyant, Corrections & Community Advocacy.

Auburndale: Avery Keuntjes, Stainless Steel Welding; Matthew Leick, Industrial Mechanical Technician; Colin Schneider, HVAC; Aaron Willfahrt, Industrial Automation & Controls Engineering Technology. 

Babcock: Jennifer Bold, IT Computer Support Specialist; Darin Dessart, Mechanical Technician; Renee Kremer, Respiratory Therapist.

Bancroft: Lisa Leach, Respiratory Therapist.

Cambridge: Bobbi Yach, Business Analyst. 
Chili: Jonathan Lendved, Business Management.

Chisago City: Andrew Johnson, Criminal Justice – Law Enforcement 720 Academy.

Colby: Ashley Gebelein, Medical Assistant. 

Custer: Alyssa Boyer, Business Management; Cassandra Fletcher, Accounting; Ashley Gibbs, Business Management; Johanna Kluck, Early Childhood Education; Samantha Kluck, Nursing; Michael Rozumialski, Automotive Technician.

Dorchester: Ashley Meyer, Accounting.

Friendship: Heather Jones, Office Support Specialist; Alma Rojas, Respiratory Therapist; Tiffany Whitt, Corrections & Community Advocacy.

Glendale: Christina Lefever, Health Information Management.

Granton: Nicolas Cowdrey, Nursing; Kimberly Rakovec, Early Childhood Education; Michael Vine, Diesel & Heavy Equipment Technician.  

Greenwood: Derek Suda, Respiratory Therapist. 

Hancock: Lauren Scurto, Marketing. 

Hastings: Criminal Justice – Law Enforcement 720 Academy, Alexander Poncelet.
Hewitt: Anna Schade, Medical Assistant; Jason Wagner, Business Management.

Iola: Michelle Bartel-Knutson, Accounting; Katherine Guilliams, Phlebotomy Technician; Katie Moen, Cosmetology; Kayla Wellbrock, Business Management.

Iron Mountain: Parker Swartout, Industrial Automation & Controls Engineering Technology.

Junction City: Baylor Braatz, Machine Tool Technician; Abbee Brown, Accounting; Courtney Nerren, Administrative Professional; Mary Saunders, Corrections & Community Advocacy; Rachel Sobczak, Nursing; Rachel Zorn, Paramedic Technician.

Kronenwetter: Jeremiah Greely, IT Software Developer.

Loyal: Morgan Lindner, Farm Operation.

Marshfield: Ciara Bauer, Nursing; Lorrie Bauer, Emergency Services Management; Kevin Bragg, Business Management; Courtney Brooks, Automotive Technician; Mikala Critelli, Medical Assistant; Stacy Deleske, Surgical Technologist; Emilee Denman, Medical Assistant; Brooke Draves, Medical Assistant; Jordan Dzikowich, Business Management; Tatum Ellis, Stainless Steel Welding; Kyle Everson, IT Network Specialist; Benjamin Gabel, Digital Marketing; Mackenzie Gansch, Cosmetology; Jessical Heisler, Business Management; Nathan Hohenstein, IT Software Developer; Kelly Hougum, Accounting; Isaac Keating, Accounting; Brittney Kempf, Medical Assistant; Ciara Klimpke, Business Management; Kesha Kopca, Business Management; Alexandra Kramer, Cosmetology; Mya Larson, Phlebotomy Technician; Amanda Lewer, Renewable Energy Technician; Melissa McLellan, Health & Wellness Promotion; Edward McQuillen, Business Management; Keith Melvin, Emergency Services Management; Noah Mortvedt, Nursing; Jill Nelson, Respiratory Therapist; Travis Patton, Paramedic Technician; April Peckham, Administrative Professional; Lindsey Ranes, Business Management; Tyler Rollins, Industrial Mechanical Technician; Briana Sauer, Marketing; Benjamin Schlueter, Criminal Justice – Law Enforcement 720 Academy; Johnathon Sebold, Stainless Steel Welding; Nicholas Sherwood, Business Management; Austin Steines, Machine Tool Technician; Marie Topping, Nursing; Shaina Wagner, Respiratory Therapist; Brett Weiland, Medical Assistant; Jessical Zimmerman, Medical Assistant. 

Milladore: Kortni Brevik, Medical Coder; Brynya Joosten, Surgical Technologist; Coy Krings, Diesel & Heavy Equipment Technician; Andrew Ringquist, Criminal Justice – Law Enforcement 720 Academy.

Mosinee: Benjamin Danczyk, Health Informatics & Information Management; Savannah Kramas, Business Management; Denise Kroeplin, Accounting; Kyle Lewis, Accounting.

Nekoosa: Abbie Clark, IT Network Specialist; Caleb Cline, Machine Tool Technician; Ashlyn Collins, Nursing; Dwayne Corry, Marketing; Robyn Gellerup, Medical Assistant; Anna Kellerman, Business Management; Danielle Kinney, Accounting; Lindsey Koplien, Early Childhood Education; Jacob Lang, Civil Engineering Technology-Highway Technician; David Naud, Machine Tool Technician; Jason Passineau, IT Network Specialist; Lindsey Peissig, Nursing; Joshua Schoechert, Paramedic Technician; Mellissa Shilts, Medical Assistant; Tracy Van Meter, Urban Forestry Technician; Katherine Wright, Digital Marketing. 

Nelsonville: Joseph Diver, HVAC.

North Prairie: Daniel Nottling, Emergency Services Management.
Oxford: Tori Babcock, Business Management; Brandon Frederick, Emergency Services Management; Jennifer Prew, Medical Coder.

Park Falls: Riley Damrow, Cosmetology.

Pittsville: Bridget Pember, Business Management.

Plainfield: Autum Akkerman, Nursing; Ashley Jaramillo, Business Management.

Plover: Shelly Aldrick, Business Management; David Allen, Fire Protection Technician; PaYeng Baldemor, Administrative Professional; Charlenn Baumgartner, Human Resources; Stephanie Beyer, Health Informatics & Information Management; Josiah Bindrich, IT Network Specialist; Kyana Brockman, Business Management; Tim Cisewski, EMT-Paramedic; Daniel Cook, Nursing; Amy Cummings, Project Management; Courtney Devine, Corrections & Community Advocacy; Jesse Disher, Business Management; Shannon Dulak, Early Childhood Education; Benjamin Fait, Industrial Automation & Controls Engineering Technology; Taylor Felmer, Nursing; Hanna Guerrero, Business Management; Alexander Gwidt, IT Software Developer; Robert Hintz, IT Software Developer; Jessye Ilagan, Marketing; Alaina Irving, Nursing; Ann Kealiher, Business Management; Jesse Kealiher, Business Management; Jody King, Business Management; Bernadette Lahaye, Cosmetology; Alyssa Mlodik, Fire Protection Technician; Allison Molski, Business Management; Jason Moss, Business Management, Renee Perzinski, Medical Assistant; Eric Reetz, IT Network Specialist; Anna Rosenthal, Phlebotomy Technician; Whitney Scheid, IT Software Developer; Megan Schultz, Cosmetology; Colette Stoflet, Administrative Professional; Wendy Studinski, Medical Assistant; Aaron Thorstad, Industrial Mechanical Technician; Jill Whitmarsh, Corrections & Community Advocacy; Pheng Yang, Diesel & Heavy Equipment Technician Assistant.

Port Edwards: Jeffrey Darnell, HVAC; Daniel Dombrowski, IT Network Specialist; Mary Doty, Human Resources; Rebecca Nellessen, Cosmetology; Cole O’Neill, Criminal Justice-Studies; Elizabeth Stormoen, Business Management.

Prescott: Frank Rohl, EMT-Paramedic.
Rosholt: Jacob Aumann, Paramedic Technician; Riley Kawlewski, Cosmetology; Coryn Simonis, Automotive Technician; Dylan Simonis, Automotive Technician; Lucas Wiza, Criminial Justice-Studies; Amy Wojtalewicz.

Rudolph: Josephy Haegerl, Business Management; Christina Hoyt, Nursing; Jake Joosten, IT Network Specialist; Kaitlyn Scott, Nursing; Matthew Thomas, IT Computer Support Specialist.

Sparta: Nathan Kenworthy, Paramedic to ADN.

Spencer: Lisa Beels, Heath & Wellness Promotion; Lee Hoernke, Stainless Steel Welding; Christopher Larsen, EMT-Paramedic; Jennifer Wall, Nursing.

Stevens Point: Becky Baake, Business Management; Cindy Baake, Business Management; Mackenzie Bailey, Cosmetology; JoAnne Ball, Corrections & Community Advocacy; Andrea Bohn, Accounting; Kenneth Bronk, Marketing; Joshua Brownell, Liberal Arts - Associate of Arts; Amanda Byrum, Medical Assistant; Jeffrey Campbell, Business Management; Ashly Canapa, Nursing; Yong Chang, Accounting; Vanessa Chappel, Administrative Professional; Adrianah Davila, Medical Assistant; Nadine Dunning, Business Analyst; Rodrick Elm, Urban Forestry Technician; Nicholas Feist, Business Management; Justin Feltz, Criminal Justice-Studies; Shane Gehin, Business Management; Vikram Gill, Business Management; Samual Glenzer, Nursing; Matt Gross, Respiratory Therapist; Melissa Guerrero, Phlebotomy Technician; Jared Higgins, IT Software Developer; Emily Hoerter, Corrections & Community Advocacy; Donna Irving, Early Childhood Education; Jodi Irving, Accounting; Alicia Jensen, Digital Marketing; Joshua Jones, Criminal Justice-Studies; Katherine Keller, Nursing; Tegan Kennedy, IT Software Developer; Rhiannon Kizewski, Business Management; Aaron Klismith, Business Management; Rebecca Kluck, Human Resources; Hadley Koula, Nursing; Sarah Kramer, Business Management; Amy Lange, Administrative Professional; Abby Laronge, Corrections & Community Advocacy; Caleb Larsen, Criminal Justice – Law Enforcement 720 Academy; Kyle Lawton, EMT-Paramedic; Amber Lenard, Administrative Professional; Megan Melville, IT Software Developer; Krista Meronek, Business Management; Dalton Meyer, Respiratory Therapist; Ryan Negro, Renewable Energy Technician; Jason Nelson, Business Management; Jillian Noble, Nursing; Orion Olson, IT Software Developer; Amanda Patino, Business Management; Thomas Pepowski, Industrial Automation & Controls Engineering Technology; Corey Pickett, Business Management; Samantha Pionek, Administrative Professional; Katelynn Polum, Early Childhood Education; Jay Przekurat, Marketing; Ashley Radzinski, IT Network Specialist; Christopher Ramlow, IT Network Specialist; Anania Rauwald, Liberal Arts – Associate of Science; Kevin Reed, Business Management; Dayne Retallick, Criminal Justice – Law Enforcement 720 Academy; Nathaniel Ruiz, Business Management; Joseph Sanders, Criminal Justice-Studies; Casey Schoettmer, IT Computer Support Specialist; Elijah Schwonek, Criminal Justice – Law Enforcement 720 Academy; Madeline Sprecher, Business Management; Victor Stone, Respiratory Therapist; Haley Strickland, Business Management; Travis Swan, Fire Protection Technician; Kilauni Tyler-Costante, Business Management; Amy Vang, Early Childhood Education; Kelly Wengelski, Human Resources; Falcen Whitston, Accounting; Sandra Williams, Business Management; James Wojtalewicz, Business Management; Tammy Wojtalewicz, Business Management; Melissa Wolfe, Medical Technician.

Stoughton: Dean Dokken, Criminal Justice – Law Enforcement 720 Academy.

Tomah: Adam Robarge, Emergency Services Management; Cody Zimmerman, Automotive Technician.

Vesper: Mary Ladick, Industrial Mechanical Technician; Daniel Shay, Fire Protection Technician; Lydia Twinn, Business Analyst; Sarah Wildenberg, Medical Assistant.
Waupaca: Jolene Forseth, LPN to ADN.

Wausau: Savannah Cumber, Cosmetology.

Weyauwega: Katrina Schoenstene, Phlebotomy Technician.

Whitehall: John Oscar, Paramedic to ADN.

Wild Rose: Katie Gunderson, Nursing.

Wisconsin Rapids: Gary Adams, Civil Engineering Technology-Highway Technician; Robert Allen, Project Management; Alexis Allworden, Criminal Justice-Studies; Grace Alnes, Health & Wellness Promotion; Kaylie Bailey, Business Management; Ashley Baumgardner, Business Management; Christopher Benson, Criminal Justice-Studies; Joshua Beyer, Accounting; Rachael Brill, Cosmetology; Cassandra Burdick, Health Informatics & Information Management; Nicole Burdick, Civil Engineering Technology-Highway Technician; Hanna Callagan, Nursing; Alyssa Capps, IT Software Developer; Tara Cook, Nursing; Jared Craig, Accounting; Michael Cronce, Nursing; Heidi Cummings, Cosmetology; Jaime Debauch, Medical Assistant; Janet Detert, IT Software Developer; Amanda Estok, Paramedic Technician; Daniel Farley, Respiratory Therapist; Tina Farrell, Business Management; Katie Faude, Medical Assistant; Hanna Graczkowski, Health & Wellness Promotion; Melissa Graef, Business Management; Jaclynn Grimm, Medical Assistant; Brittny Groshek, Corrections & Community Advocacy; Andrew Gustasfon, Industrial Automation & Controls Engineering Technology; Sara Hanneman, Business Management; Stephanie Haworth, Medical Assistant; Stephanie Henckel, Business Management; Gary Hilgard, IT Software Developer; Christy Hoffman, Cosmetology; Jennifer Holden, Administrative Professional; Michelle Holt, Nursing; Garrett Ingram, Machine Tool Technician; Hayden Jaborek, Health & Wellness Promotion; Marissa Johnson, Paramedic Technician; Derek Kandler, IT Software Developer; Ma-Kzee Kester, Administrative Professional; Aimee Khang, Respiratory Therapist; Cheryl Krohn, Accounting; Callie Kulinski, Business Management; Madison Ladwig, Corrections & Community Advocacy; Stephanie Lecy, Accounting; Chrysten Linzmeier, Industrial Automation & Controls Engineering Technology; Tiffany Marshall, Business Management; Chaele Matthews, Administrative Professional; Jared McGregor, Automotive Technician; Stephanie McGregor, Nursing; Matthew McHugh, Criminal Justice – Law Enforcement 720 Academy; Melissa McKeel, Business Management; Devon McMahon, Accounting; Bobbi Meyer, Nursing; Brieana Migut, Business Management; Daphne Morrical, Medical Assistant; Taylor Olson, Cosmetology; Douglas Overturf, Emergency Services Management; Kyle Pasch, Renewable Energy Technician; Jose Perez, Business Management; Devon Pongratz, IT Software Developer; Kylee Rabska, Criminal Justice-Studies; Brandi Redbird, Early Childhood Education; Stacy Reeder, Business Management; Colton Rehberg, Accounting; Christopher Reinwand, Diesel & Heavy Equipment Technician; Conrad Sawyer, Criminal Justice-Studies; Jason Schiestle, IT Software Developer; Stacy Schmidt, Corrections & Community Advocacy; Gifty Schultz, Cosmetology; Brenda Simon, Business Management; Clint Smazal, Criminal Justice-Studies; Tammy Sosin, Medical Assistant; Ashleyn Sparks Koch, Business Management; Nicole Sprague, Nursing; Shannon Stice, Business Management; Blia Thao, Machine Tool Technician; Jake Timm, Paramedic Technician; Lea Venzke, Accounting; Brady Weidman, Electrical Power Engineering Technician; Dorie Weigel, Accounting; Cynthia Wilkinson, Medical Assistant; Heather Worden, Medical Assistant; Mai Xiong, Nursing; John Young, Business Management.