Graduation cap and diploma with the Mid-State logo and the text reading spring 2020 dean's list

Mid-State congratulates spring 2020 students on superior academic performance

August 24, 2020

Mid-State Technical College has announced its Dean’s List for the 2020 spring semester. This recognition is reserved for Mid-State students who have enrolled in six or more credits and have earned a minimum grade point average (GPA) of 3.75 during the semester. 
The list is sorted by student’s city of residence and last name. Cities are in Wisconsin unless otherwise indicated.

Abbotsford: Betsy Baker, Nursing.

Adams: Heather Koch, Corrections & Community Advocacy; Barbara Presley, Respiratory Therapy; Amber Ricci, Accounting.

Almond: Shannon Gumney, IT Computer Support Specialist.

Amherst: Felicia Podeszwa, Business Management; Ellen Werther, Medical Assistant; Karissa Yehling, Health & Wellness Promotion.

Amherst Junction: Jenna Liebe, Accounting.

Appleton: Leah Mccormick, Health & Wellness Promotion.

Arpin: Mary Dain, Nursing; Tiffany Scott, Nursing; Mary Taylor, Medical Coder; Patricia Wyant, Corrections & Community Advocacy.

Auburndale: Shoshannah Gomm, Agribusiness and Science Technology; Denise Willfahrt; Kenneth Zivicki Jr.

Babcock: Matthew Haasl, Diesel & Heavy Equipment Technician.

Bancroft: Felicity Betro, Nursing; Jason Hanson, Machine Tool Technician; Lisa Leach, Respiratory Therapy; Luke Manock, IT Computer Support Specialist; Abigail Ortiz, Nursing; Brittany Sanchez, Medical Assistant.

Birnamwood: Cierra Duellman, Digital Marketing.

Black River Falls: Kevin Scholze, Emergency Services Management.

Chili: Lisa Sternitzky, Nursing.

Colby: Amber Muehlbauer, Respiratory Therapy; Brock Widmann, Nursing.

Coloma: Joree Rachel, Health & Wellness Promotion.

Custer: Makayla Dahms, Accounting; Ashley Gibbs, Business Management; Trevor Wisinski, Construction Trades; Melissa Woytasik, Accounting.

Dorchester: Ashley Meyer, Accounting.

Elroy: Sheena Anderson, Nursing.

Friendship: Jaron Adsit, Business Management; Amanda Mills, Medical Assistant; Morgan Rowell, Business Management; Sydney Quinnell, Criminal Justice-Studies.

Granton: Natasha Bandt, Cosmetology; Tyanne Sabin, Medical Assistant.

Greenwood: Noah Hoffman, Renewable Energy Technician; Derek Suda, Respiratory Therapy; Casey Susa: Accounting Assistant; Julienne Unertl, Administrative Professional.

Gulfport, Miss.: Jaci Nelson, Hospitality Management.

Hancock: Ashley Hindes, Corrections & Community Advocacy; Esmeralda Landeros, Cosmetology; Lauren Scurto, Marketing; Bernadette Stainbrook, Nursing.

Hewitt: Cole Kramer, IT Computer Support Specialist; Katlyn Pflederer, Nursing.

Holmen:  Allison Molski, Business Management; Alisha Trapnell, Health Information Management; Heather Worden, Health Information Management.

Iola: Abigail Betker, Liberal Arts - Associate of Science; Avigail Carvajal, Criminal Justice-Studies.

Janesville: Brendan Sukus, Criminal Justice-Studies.

Junction City: Jacy Przekurat, Accounting; Chani Pulchinski, Fire Protection Technician; Whitney Scheid, Business Analyst.

Kronenwetter: Michael Hanson, IT Security Specialist.

Loyal: Erin Froeba, Medical Assistant; Christina Miller, Paramedic Technician; Danika Young, Medical Assistant.

Marshfield: Travis Altman, Civil Engineering Technology-Highway Technician; Andrew Attebury, Business Management; Courtney Bair, Project Management; Bailey Bargender, Nursing; Ciara Bauer, Nursing; Samantha Bell, Paramedic Technician; Trevor Cassidy, Welding; Sara Cheek, Medical Assistant; Haley Clemmer, Medical Assistant; Briana Duellman, Medical Assistant; Jordan Dzikowich, Business Management; Rebecca Emerson, Nursing; Alyse Esser, Business Management; Michael Fagan, Business Management; Benjamin Gabel, Digital Marketing; Pamalyn Garbisch, Phlebotomy Technician; Mykayla Gerretson, Nursing; Rita Gonzalez, Medical Assistant; Pamela Gowin, Respiratory Therapy; Coleman Grosbier, Accounting; Matt Gross, Respiratory Therapy; Alexander Hagemes, Fire Protection Technician; Brooke Halverson, Nursing; Rhonda Hansen, Business Management; Wyatt Heier, Respiratory Therapy; Nathan Hohenstein, IT Software Developer; Brandie Hyland, Accounting; Tanner Kuehmichel, EMT-Paramedic; Natasha Kurz, Accounting Assistant;  Jennifer Mauritz, Accounting; Kaycee Mccarthy, Medical Assistant; Melissa Mclellan, Health & Wellness Promotion; Edward McQuillen, Business Management; Amanda Melvin, Digital Marketing; Jill Nelson, Respiratory Therapy; Ty Porter, Criminal Justice-Studies; Lindsey Ranes, Accounting; Jenna Rogers, Nursing; Nathan Saeger, Paramedic Technician; Briana Sauer, Marketing; Suzanne Saverda, Office Support Specialist; Linda Schmid, Digital Marketing; Andrew Schnitzler, IT Security Specialist; Madyson Schultz Jr., Digital Marketing; Britta Schwinn, Nursing; Shaina Wagner, Respiratory Therapy; Halle Wenta, Criminal Justice-Studies.

Menomonee Falls: Kyle Hilgendorf, Paramedic Technician.

Milladore: Kortni Brevik, Health Information Management; Montese Choate, Medical Assistant; Nancy Grosskreutz, Project Management.

Milwaukee: Dominique Edwards, Technical Studies-Journey Worker; Kyndall Smith, Medical Coder.

Mosinee: Whitney Nechuta, Respiratory Therapy; Gabriella Raczek, Liberal Arts – Associate of Arts.

Necedah: Courtney Rozek, Business Management; Cecilia Steen, Corrections & Community Advocacy.

Neillsville: Ashley Magnuson, Criminal Justice-Studies; Wendy Proffitt, Respiratory Therapy.

Nekoosa: Ashlyn Collins, Nursing; Jacquelyn Hoffman, Accounting; Catherine Jasin, Paramedic Technician; Jeri Karbowski, Business Management; Lindsey Koplien, Early Childhood Education; Solstice Linzmeier, Cosmetology; Juliza Moreno, Nursing; Carmen Morgan, Business Management; Luke Mroczenski, Civil Engineering Technology-Highway Technician; Adrian Rodriguez, Business Analyst; Landa Rucinski, Nursing; Lianna Schoen, Nursing; Mellissa Shilts, Medical Assistant; Mazie Slothower, Cosmetology; Monica Sojka, Respiratory Therapy; Laina Stashek, Diesel & Heavy Equipment Technician; Rachel Ysquierdo, Health & Wellness Promotion.

Oshkosh, Justine Shafranski, Paramedic Technician.

Oxford: Brandon Frederick, Emergency Services Management.

Park Falls: Kiana Schmidt, Health & Wellness Promotion.

Pittsville: Kira Caflisch, Health Information Management; Miranda Coulthard, Medical Assistant; Tyler Gardner, Business Management; Jessie Rasmussen, Digital Marketing; Samantha Shaw, Agribusiness and Science Technology.

Plainfield: Gabriella Czlapinski, Nursing; Megan Gilson, Nursing; Sandra Nigh, Business Management.

Plover: Trevor Allen, Nursing; Robert Barber, Business Management; Benjamin Benton, Fire Protection Technician; Samuel Bentz, Digital Marketing; Joseph Berkevich, Accounting; Kyana Brockman, Business Management; Sheri Crueger, Accounting Assistant; Derek Dodds, Marketing; Jordan Falkowski, Human Resources Assistant; Alexis Flatoff, Corrections & Community Advocacy; Samuel Frodl, Criminal Justice-Studies; Breanna Glodowski, Cosmetology; Aaron Hamm, Diesel & Heavy Equipment Technician; Angela Harer, Accounting; Robert Hintz, IT Software Developer; Jessye Ilagan, Business Management; Alaina Irving, Nursing; Brittney Korger, Business Management; Bethany Lang, Automotive Technician; David Lanphere-Hartzell, IT Security Specialist; Courtney Marzofka, Nursing; Tyler Menadue, Nursing; Samantha Ruechel, Accounting; Dan Savolt, Respiratory Therapy; Eve Sawyer, Human Resources Assistant; Nadine Searles, Health & Wellness Promotion; Cassandra Stanchik, IT Network Specialist; Megan Stelchek, Cosmetology; Colette Stoflet, Administrative Professional; Aaron Thorstad, Industrial Mechanical Technician; Andrew Wong, IT Software Developer; Pheng Yang, Diesel & Heavy Equipment Technician Assistant.

Port Edwards: Tatiana Davis, Liberal Arts – Associate of Arts; Mary Doty, Business Management; Gunnar Drew, Criminal Justice-Studies; Kiira Jensen, Business Management; Cole O’Neil, Criminal Justice-Studies; Kiera Podawiltz, Medical Coder.

Port Washington: Christina Lefever, Health Information Management.

Pueblo: Shawn Warren Jr., Arborist Technician.

Rosholt: Brooke Gagas, Medical Assistant; Lucas Wiza; Criminal Justice-Studies; Amy Wojtalewicz, Business Management.

Rudolph: Thomas Pepowski, Industrial Automation & Controls Engineering Technology.

Scandinavia: Justin Feltz, Corrections & Community Advocacy.

Schofield: Staci Kamke, Nursing; Cassandra Stashek, Business Management.

Spencer: Daniel Herder, Digital Marketing; Jessica Kielman, Medical Assistant; Jewelene Quelle, Business Management; Jonathan Tomke, Digital Marketing; Jennifer Wall, Nursing.

Stevens Point: Christina Adamski, Medical Assistant; JoAnne Ball, Corrections & Community Advocacy; Debbie Beadle, Business Management; Kenneth Bronk, Business Management; Jeffrey Campbell, Digital Marketing; Chue Chang, Cosmetology; Nikohl Crossman, Criminal Justice-Studies; Kristen Deadwyler, Digital Marketing; Dakota Dieter, Agribusiness and Science Technology; Nadine Dunning, IT Network Specialist; Rodrick Elm, Arborist Technician; Holly Enyart, Office Support Specialist; Hesam Fazaeli, Business Management; Lindsy Getchel, Digital Marketing; Paula Gidlund, Business Management; Kyle Guensberg, Machine Tool Technician; Alita Hairston, Business Management; Erin Harger, Digital Marketing; Emerald Hartjes, Early Childhood Education; Clarissa Helms, Business Management; Monica Higgins, IT Software Developer; Margaret Hirzy, Business Management; Yunjung Hong, Business Management; Dylan Jenkins, Renewable Energy Technician; Alicia Jensen, Digital Marketing; Joshua Jones, Criminal Justice-Studies; Riley Kawlewski, Cosmetology; Paul Kenealy, Emergency Services Management; Tegan Kennedy, IT Software Developer; Rhiannon Kizewski, Business Management; Rosalinda Koch, Cosmetology; Hadley Koula, Nursing; Shiann Kvatek, Criminal Justice-Studies; Abby Laronge, Corrections & Community Advocacy; Amber Lenard, Administrative Professional; Riley Lewellin, IT Software Developer; Megan Lorbecki, Medical Assistant; Tiffany Marshall, Business Management; Duncan Marten, IT Software Developer; Dalton Meyer, Respiratory Therapy; Lucas Miller, Diesel & Heavy Equipment Technician; Krysta Miller, Health & Wellness Promotion; Abigail Munson, Nursing; Jessica Nellessen, Accounting; Madison Ofstad, Early Childhood Education; Orion Olson, IT Software Developer; Madeline Paitel, Nursing; Amanda Patino, Business Management; Dominic Perrine, IT Software Developer; Savannah Piff, Business Management; Alexandria Plaski, Entrepreneurship; Maddie Pliska, Nursing; Gina Presley, Business Analyst; Jay Przekurat, Marketing; Damon Ramon, Renewable Energy Technician; Kevin Reed, Business Management; Alejandro Rodriguez, Business Management; Joanna Rodriguez, Health & Wellness Promotion; Alyssa Rogers, Nursing; Ciana Rose, Nursing; Zachary Scheider, Stainless Steel Welding; Heather Schlutter, Business Management; Emma Schulfer, Business Management; Gregory Spirko, Business Management; Madeline Sprecher, Business Management; Morgan Spreda, Nursing; Deanna Stockheimer, Health & Wellness Promotion; Teresa Story, Nursing; Travis Swan, Criminal Justice-Studies; Rachel Swedberg, Project Management; Nathaniel Taylor, Digital Marketing; Cathy Thao, Cosmetology; Padee Thor, Accounting; Tiffany Tushkowski, Cosmetology; Chue Vang, Accounting; Rachel Vittone, Nursing; Sarah Waltenberg, Business Management; Casey Weber, Nursing; Kyle Weeks, Industrial Mechanical Technician; Kelly Wengelski, Human Resources Assistant; Melissa Wolfe, Medical Assistant; Paul Zelewski, Machine Tool Technician.

Stratford: Cassondra Andrew, Nursing; Melissa Cooper, Respiratory Therapy; Debra Schillinger, Health Information Management; Angela Varsho, Health Information Management.

Tomah: Tara Chapman, Individualized Technical Studies.

Valders: Brandon Sy, Emergency Services Management.

Vancouver, Wash.: Vanessa Chappel, Administrative Professional.

Vesper: Marissa Becker, Medical Assistant; Daniel Shay, Paramedic Technician.

Waterford: Lauren Muffick, Human Resources Assistant.

Waupaca: Lisa Funk, Nursing; Audrey Papineau, Paramedic Technician; Jennifer Shanak, Health & Wellness Promotion; Lisa Buelow, Business Management.

Wisconsin Rapids: Gary Adams, Civil Engineering Technology-Highway Technician; Kristin Akbar, Corrections & Community Advocacy; Brooke Baierl, Corrections & Community Advocacy; Tyler Baldauf, Business Analyst; Eric Boehm, Industrial Mechanical Technician; Heather Bram, Business Management; Grace Brill, Phlebotomy Technician; Mycaela Brinegar, Business Management; Jeffery Broschardt, Criminal Justice-Studies; Nicole Burdick, Civil Engineering Technology-Highway Technician; Cassandra Burdick, Health Information Management; Logan Capek, Surgical Technologist; Gunnar Carlson, Stainless Steel Welding; Priscilla Contreras, Health & Wellness Promotion; Michael Cronce, Nursing; Britt Cyboran, Cosmetology; Alyssa Dachel, Nursing; Janet Detert, IT Software Developer; Brian Donaldson, Emergency Services Management; Tina Farrell, Business Management; Cecily Fuller, Human Resources Assistant; Amy Gaupp, Corrections & Community Advocacy; Hannah Graczkowski, Health & Wellness Promotion; Allister Greening, Criminal Justice-Studies; Andrew Gustafson, Industrial Automation & Controls Engineering Technology; Faith Haas, Corrections & Community Advocacy; Jenna Haas, Medical Assistant; Allison Haferman, Respiratory Therapy; Clinton Hellner, Liberal Arts - Associate of Science; Analyn Hilgard, IT Security Specialist; Michelle Holt, Nursing; McKenzie Jacobitz, Nursing; Derek Kandler, IT Software Developer; Ger Khang, Business Management; Staci Kivi, Business Management; Jessica Klement, Medical Assistant; Hannah Korslin, Early Childhood Education; Heather Koth, Nursing; Cheryl Krohn, Accounting; Laura Krueger, Medical Assistant; Abigail Krug: Phlebotomy Technician; Brenna Krug, Health & Wellness Promotion; Grace Lekas, Nursing; Joelle Lemke, Business Management; Chrysten Linzmeier, Industrial Automation & Controls Engineering Technology; Cindy Lowe, Health Information Management; Cassandra Mancl, Business Management; Rhonda Martinson, Business Management; Melissa McKeel, Business Management; Tessa Mcmahon, IT Software Developer; Kamilla Meshak, Cosmetology; Rebecca Monson, Diesel & Heavy Equipment Technician; Crystal Moon, Nursing; Daphne Morrical, Medical Assistant; Margaret Neas, Medical Assistant; Mat Neidlein, Business Management; Lisa Neumann, Business Management; Kerre Oie, Health Information Management; Riley Ort, Nursing; Douglas Overturf, Emergency Services Management; Asha Pecher-Gause, Medical Assistant; Justin Perlak, Machine Tool Technician; Teara Peterson, Medical Assistant; Jalynn Piller, Nursing; Jessica Podoll, Accounting; Candace Pudder, Corrections & Community Advocacy; Stacy Reeder, Business Management; Deanna Rehberg, Human Resources Assistant; Christopher Reinwand, Diesel & Heavy Equipment Technician; Matthew Richards, Arborist Technician; Hannah Rosenthal, Health Information Management; Monica Saenz, Corrections & Community Advocacy; Elizabeth Schindler, Nursing; Mattea Sejbl, Business Management; Brenda Simon, Business Management; Nicole Sleeter, Medical Assistant; Kaitlin Smith, Nursing; Colton Stuckey, Business Management; Jessica Swonger, Corrections & Community Advocacy; Stacy Taylor, Nursing; Thong Thao, Electrical Power Engineering Technology; Blia Thao, Machine Tool Technician; Cathy Vine, Accounting; Angela Weller, Administrative Professional; Jenna Whitrock, Nursing; Bryanna Windsor, Paramedic Technician; David Wittenberg, Liberal Arts - Associate of Arts; Elizabeth Wolff, Cosmetology; Pa Xiong, Accounting; Mai Xiong, Nursing; Kodie Zielke, Business Management.

Wittenberg: Emily Norrbom, Respiratory Therapy.

City Unknown: Angel Vazquez, Business Management.