Person selecting from a variety of career hats, including Welding, Surgical Technology, Culinary Arts, information technology, Construction Trades, and Fire Service Certification.
February 14, 2024

Mid-State announces spring 2024 mid-term start opportunities

February 14, 2024

Registration is now open for Mid-State Technical College’s mid-term start classes that begin in March and April, which means it’s not too late to get started this spring.

Over 20 programs can be started this mid-term in the areas of business, agriculture, university transfer, health sciences, and more. Students also have the choice of nearly 200 class sections of general education and program-specific courses.

“We maintain a strong variety of mid-term options to be as flexible as possible for new and continuing students alike,” said Jackie Esselman, dean of Recruitment and Admissions. “Continuing students can pick up an extra class to complete their program faster and new students can enroll in a course or two to sample what Mid-State has to offer or even get started in a program.”

According to Esselman, many courses also transfer to UW schools for those interested in earning a bachelor's degree. “Students can start earning credits to transfer to a four-year university as early as March. This allows for the opportunity to save on tuition and get a jump start on coursework.”

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