Art with Impact: Movies for Mental Health

In front of a purple background with bright red and orange brushstrokes are three silhouettes of people sitting. One silhouette contains a canyon sunrise, one contains a dense jungle, and the third a city landscape. Within each silhouette is a person exploring their environment. The event title is in block text underneath the logo for Art With Impact.
Event Date

A virtual workshop featuring award-winning short films, mindfulness activities, & panel discussion with students & mental health resources.


This virtual event will be screened in the following telepresence rooms:

Stevens Point 216
Marshfield 122
Adams 115
Wisconsin Rapids A166


Movies for Mental Health (Online) is a 2-hour virtual workshop that uses the power of film to unite folks in community, connection, and conversation.

This interactive, online experience will feature an anonymous, chat-based discussion on mental health, the stigma that frequently surrounds mental illness, and media portrayals of mental health issues.

Following this will be a live screening of three award-winning short films, therapeutic activities to consciously connect minds and bodies, and a collective exploration around what the work means for us as individuals.

The event will culminate in a panel of lived-experience speakers and mental health resources, empowering us to share our own stories and access support available to us in these uncertain times.


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