Bedside nurse attends to patient.

LPN-to-ADN Pathway

Are you working as a licensed practical nurse but looking to advance your career in health? The LPN-to-ADN Pathway is designed to help LPNs take the next step—an associate degree in nursing (ADN).

Bridge to Nursing

Mid-State makes it easy for LPNs to begin their ADN coursework with a “bridge” of requirements, all offered at Mid-State:

  1. Transition from LPN to ADN – Online course
  2. LPN Skills Refresher – Partially online course

When the bridge courses are completed, you may begin the core Nursing courses. Ability to register for core courses will depend on both:

  • Successful completion of bridge courses 
  • Course and clinical availability

Prior to entering third-semester classes, students are required to complete an in-person onboarding (orientation) session.

Explore the full policy and curriculum details below, and contact a Nursing academic advisor with any questions.

LPN-to-ADN Admission Requirements

  • Be a US citizen or permanent resident
  • Hold a current, unencumbered Wisconsin Licensed Practical Nurse license
  • Work as an LPN for at least one year
  • Possess a practical nursing degree or completed required nursing courses from an accredited college.

LPN-to-ADN Nursing Curriculum

Step 1: Credits Already Earned by Licensed Practical Nurses

(Subject to confirmation by credit evaluation process)

General Education Courses*

28 credits

Advanced Standing for LPN License
(Credit for Prior Learning)

15 credits

Step 2: Nursing Bridge Courses

10543129 Transition from LPN to ADN (if more than 2 years since LPN graduation)
10543151 LPN/Paramedic to ADN Skills (Required of all students)

2 credits
2 credits

Step 3: Core Nursing Courses

3rd Semester (9 credits)
10543109 Nursing: Complex Health Alterations 1
10543110 Nursing: Mental Health and Community Concepts
10543111 Nursing: Intermediate Clinical Practice
10543112 Nursing Advanced Skills

3 credits 
2 credits 
3 credits 
1 credit

4th Semester (10 credits)
10543113 Nursing: Complex Health Alterations 2
10543114 Nursing: Management and Professional Concepts
10543115 Nursing: Advanced Clinical Practice
10543116 Nursing: Clinical Transition

3 credits 
2 credits 
3 credits 
2 credits

TOTAL Credits to Obtain the Degree 

66* credits

*The GPS for Student Success course is required for all Mid-State program students. It is recommended to be completed before obtaining 12 credits. Some students are exempt from this requirement. Please see your program advisor for more information.