Age Requirements for Enrollment

Whenever possible Mid-State welcomes students of all ages that adhere to Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction education statutes and policies.

Programs may possess age criteria for admission based on licensing/certification requirements. All students who seek to enroll at Mid-State are subject to the course prerequisites and program admission requirements as outlined in the program information guides and Student Handbook.

Mid-State's Age-Related Policies

Under Age 18

Questions regarding under-age-18 attendance or home schooled students should be directed to the Student Services & Information Center at any Mid-State location.

  • Public and private high school students age 18 and older may attend Mid-State courses and programs at any time during the day if they have met the applicable prerequisite or program admission requirements. Attendance during the school day for students enrolled in public/private schools must be done with the written permission of the school principal and the parent/legal guardian.
  • Public and private high school students ages 16–18 may attend undergraduate day classes with written consent from their parent/guardian and high school principal. Financial aid cannot be awarded to high school students who have not graduated from high school.

Under Age 16

With parental consent, public or private high school students under the age of 16 may attend postsecondary courses for which they meet prerequisites. Students under 16 years of age are not allowed to enroll in certain courses due to safety, certification, licensing, or policy requirements. Hazardous areas include use of hoisting apparatus, logging, motor vehicle drivers and outside helpers, usage of firearms, manufacturing or processing, and classes involving hands-on applications for skill development in areas identified as hazardous in DWD 270.14 (3) Student Learner. Consult a Mid-State academic advisor or college outreach coordinator for information on courses for which the student under 16 may be eligible to enroll. The following conditions must be met for students under the age of 16 to enroll at Mid-State:

  • The individual has the written permission of his/her parent or guardian. A signed and dated letter from the parent or guardian needs to accompany the registration form.
  • The individual will not be attending during the hours of the normal school day established under Wisconsin Compulsory Attendance laws.

Age 14 and Under

In addition to the stated requirements within the “Under Age 16” section above, a parent or guardian of students age 14 or under must also enroll in and attend the class as a regular student. Exceptions include youth summer camps and other courses specifically for youth.

Home-School Attendance

Mid-State complies with all education statutes and policies as regulated and promulgated by the Department of Public Instruction. Students under 18 years of age must also follow the age requirement guidelines noted above.

  • Home-schooled students are not eligible for federal financial aid until completion of their high school degree.

Questions regarding homeschooled students should be directed to admissions at any MidState location.

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