Jenna Johnson

Graduate Spotlight - Jenna Johnson

Jenna Johnson

Criminal Justice-Corrections & Community Advocacy, May 2022

Jenna Johnson decided that Mid-State was the right fit for her. Being close to home and costing less than a university were just some of the reasons; however, she quickly learned that her experiences were going to be even more beneficial than the convenience.

While attending classes, Jenna developed relationships with both students and instructors. She heard that Mid-State always had a reputation of having instructors who not only teach but support their students by building relationships. “In my journey at Mid-State, each and every instructor I have had has made it very clear that they are there for their students, to help them succeed,” she says. “They will do whatever is within their power to keep us from failing.”

But this inspiring new path would most likely not have been possible for Jenna without the financial support of the scholarships she received through the Mid-State Foundation. “I had to quit my part-time job so I could attend the five-week jail academy, and the funds awarded helped me financially during those five weeks.”

Today Jenna is excited to announce that she is working at the Adams County Jail as a part-time jail officer. Her training at Mid-State prepared her to be successful in this field. “I have only worked there a brief time, but I love it already. I am proud to be a student at Mid-State.”