Contest Policies

Limited Capacity

Registration will open Wednesday, February 1, 2023 at 8am. Last day to register is Tuesday, February 28, 2023 at 4:00 p.m.

Late registrations will not be accepted.

Each contests has a limited capacity stated below. No exceptions will be made to capacities.

Registration is based on first come first serve. Registrations will be time stamped and you will be notified if your team was accepted into the contest once your registration is processed (1-2 business days). Teams who do not make it into the contest will be added to the waitlist.

C.D.E. Contest  Max Number of Students
Wildlife Management (on-campus) 20 teams = 80 students
Veterinary Science (on-campus) 15 teams = 60 students
Milk Quality (on-campus) 15 teams = 60 students
Middle School (on-campus) 20 teams = 80 students
Dairy Cattle Evaluation (off-campus) 20 teams = 80 students
Forestry (off-campus) 15 teams = 60 students
Livestock (off-campus) 15 teams = 60 students
Floriculture (on-campus) 15 teams = 60 students

Team Size & Scoring

  • All competitors must be FFA members to compete. Teams will consist of up to 4 FFA members. A minimum of 3 members are required to compete.
  • No practice teams will be accepted.
  • Placement of teams will be determined by tabulating the three best scores of contestants from the school.
  • Each school may enter only one team in each event. Each individual may only compete in one event.
    • Exception: Middle School Agriscience, schools may have up to two teams in the Middle school event.
  • See contest pages for individual contest tie breaker rules.

Cell Phone Usage

Cell phones or other electronic devices are not allowed to be used in the competition areas.  Competition areas on campus will be marked. All off-campus competition areas include all locations not on a school bus. If a student has a cell phone or other device in their hand during any event, they can be disqualified. Cell phones and other devices must be turned off and remain in a pocket during the entire event.


Students are expected to treat all volunteers, facilities, staff, and other competitors with respect. This includes not talking during events. Contest volunteers may disqualify individuals and teams who do not follow these expectations.


Persons requesting reasonable accommodations for a disability should contact the event coordinator 14 days in advance.

Event Coordinator: Email Alex Lendved or call 715.389.7011.