Religious Beliefs Accommodation

Policies & Procedures

Mid-State acknowledges the diverse populations served within the central Wisconsin region and understands that it has the potential of serving students who believe and follow a number of different religious convictions.

As a public institution, Mid-State will work to alter classroom schedules affecting academic studies so that students may participate in legitimate holy days, festivities and/or holidays. Students seeking special consideration for religious purposes will observe the following procedures:

  • A student will provide a written request to instructors for release time due to religious reasons. This written request must be submitted five working days prior to the anticipated absence.
  • All make-up work or tests will be scheduled in a "timely" manner so that the student has adequate time and opportunity to prepare the assignments or study for the test.
  • If a student has a complaint regarding religious accommodations, the student will file a written complaint to the Equal Opportunity Officer.
  • The written complaint will be forwarded to the President who will, after an investigation, render a written decision within 30 days after receipt of the formal complaint. The date may be extended beyond the 30 days with the agreement of the student.
  • If the student does not agree with the President's decision, he or she may appeal the decision, in writing, to the District Board. This appeal must be filed within 30 days.
  • The District Board will cause an investigation to take place and will attempt to determine facts that are associated with the case. Members of the board will respond to the appeal, in writing, within 45 days after the receipt of the appeal.
  • If the student does not agree with the District Board's decision, the student has the right to appeal the decision in accordance with state and federal statutes.