No Show Policy

The No Show Policy is instituted during the first week of classes each semester.

Faculty identify students who are appearing on their class rosters but not attending (in-person classes) or participating in an academically related activity (online classes). These students are referred to as No Show students. An attempt will be made to contact No Show students to determine if they will be attending classes. Classes will be dropped with all tuition charges removed for those students who will not be attending or who were unable to be contacted.

Students who have received financial aid and failed to attend classes (in-person classes) or participate in at least one academically related activity (online classes) have not established eligibility to receive financial aid. Therefore, No Show students must repay in full any funds received.

Besides complying with federal financial aid regulation, the No Show Policy provides the opportunity for students on course waitlists to become enrolled. The No Show Policy also helps prevent students from accruing unwanted balances and possible collection activity as well as receiving final grades of F on their permanent records.