Emergency Procedures

Policies & Procedures

In case of fire, sound nearest fire alarm and call 911. For any other emergency, 911 should be called from any campus or center phones.

Emergency Procedures for Individuals with Disabilities (Wisconsin Rapids Campus): In the event of any emergency requiring evacuation from the (A) Administration Building second floor, a special procedure has been mandated by the Grand Rapids Fire Department with regard to individuals with disabilities.

Room A-224 has been designated as the location in which to place a person with a disability in the case of emergency evacuation, so that he/she can be quickly and safely rescued out the window by the fire department in the event he/she cannot be safely evacuated down the stairwells or elevator.

Obviously, an exception to this procedure would be if Room A-224 was an immediate area of danger. Then a safe room farthest from the source of danger should be chosen and the fire department notified of the individual's location. White and blue handicap symbol signs have been placed on the outside window and on the sidelight of the hallway door of Room A-224 to easily identify the room.

In addition, two orange chair stretchers are located in the northwest corner of Room A-224. They are stored inside a large cabinet with a bright orange sign stating "Chair Stretchers." Instructions for the use of the chair are posted inside the cabinet and are attached to each chair stretcher for your reference. The chair stretcher is available to: transport an individual with a handicap to a safe area in time of emergency; transport injured/ill individuals to a safe area or out of the building as the situation and safe practices dictate.