Crisis Intervention & Weapons

Policies & Procedures

Crisis Intervention Policy: Mid-State is committed to providing a safe working and learning environment for students, employees, guests, and visitors. Mid-State will not tolerate any form of threats, threatening behavior, verbal abuse or violence by anyone at any Mid-State owned or leased facility or any Mid-State sponsored activity. Violence/threats include, but are not limited to: striking another, pushing, kicking, throwing things, abusing/destroying property, physical threats of violence, stalking or harassment. In addition Mid-State follows the guidelines of the Student's & Employee's Right to Know publication, the College Catalog & Student Handbook, the student code of conduct and the Mid-State Personnel and Procedures Manual.

Threats, Threatening/Violent Behavior: Any person who makes substantial threats, exhibits threatening behavior or engages in violent acts at any Mid-State facility shall be removed from the premises by law enforcement as quickly as safety permits and shall remain off Mid-State premises pending the outcome of an investigation. Should an investigation substantiate that violation of this policy has occurred, Mid-State will initiate a decisive and appropriate response, including termination/expulsion.

Weapons Policy