IT Software Developer

IT Software Developer

Associate in Applied Science (AAS)

Almost no one is willing to go a whole day without using a favorite software program, go-to social media platform, or time-saving smartphone app. And nearly every industry and type of business now relies on computers to optimize communication and manage day-to-day operations. It’s no surprise that the world is witnessing a sharp increase in the demand for new software developers.

A Closer Look

Software developers are the creative minds behind the overall design process of computer programs and systems. Some also write code for these programs and systems. They may analyze user needs, recommend software upgrades, design apps and systems, create models to instruct coders, test software functionality, and document every aspect of an application or system for future maintenance and upgrades.

Some software developers do most of their work individually—building entire programs on their own—while others work as part of a development team.

What You'll Learn

Graduates of Mid-State’s IT Software Developer program have the skills needed to design, develop, and maintain software and software systems on a wide variety of computing devices and to meet the spectrum of business needs.

You’ll learn to create software to run on all platforms including network servers, desktop workstations, web pages, and Android and iOS mobile devices. You will use state-of-the-art equipment and work in teams to design, develop, test, and implement small-scale software systems for nonprofit organizations or simulated clients.


  • Applications Developer
  • Computer Programmer/Analyst
  • Mobile Applications Developer
  • Software Engineer
  • Systems Developer
  • Technical Architect
  • Web Developer

Your Instructors

The instructors in the IT Software Developer program bring the right balance of professional experience and teaching expertise to the classroom. Meet our full-time faculty!


Brent earned his MBA from UW-Oshkosh and has more than 10 years of experience working with IT in business settings, including two years’ experience as a programmer. Brent is a member of the Central Wisconsin Developers Group and is involved in the open source community. He is also obtaining a second master’s degree, in Software Engineering.

“I teach because I love to watch people when they finally understand something they have worked hard to learn.”


Jason earned his master of science in computer information systems from University of Phoenix. With 15 years of experience in software development for the paper, banking, and insurance industries, he has a strong grasp of Agile Development, SDLC, web-based systems development with ASP.Net, Microsoft SQL server, SQL queries, stored procedures, triggers, client-side web scripting, HTML, CSS, and a comprehensive list of programming languages.

“The moment you see a student grasp a concept and realize they have an ability that wasn't present before, that the future has opened up—that is why I teach.”

Program Information Guide

See the printable Program Information Guide to learn about career pathways, transfer opportunities, program outcomes, and more. If you are unable to access this document, please contact a new student specialist by calling 888.575.6782.

Costs and Financial Aid Eligibility

Expected Program Costs

Cost based on the 2018/2019 academic calendar year.

  • Tuition & Fees: $9,061.83
  • Books: $2,194.62
  • Supplies, Uniforms, and/or Exams: $0.00
  • Total Estimated Cost: $11,256.45

Financial Aid Eligibility

This program is eligible for full Financial Aid.


Catalog# Title Credits
Term: 1
10152101 Intro to Programming 3.00
10152121 Object-Oriented Programming 1 3.00
10152150 Web Design 1 3.00
10801136 English Composition 1 3.00
10801195 Written Communication 3.00
10804107 College Mathematics 3.00
10804118 Intermediate Algebra with Applications 4.00
10804189 Introductory Statistics 3.00
(15-16 Credits)
Term: 2
10152122 Object-Oriented Programming 2 3.00
10152159 User Experience Design 3.00
10152174 Collaborative Application Development 3.00
10156101 Database Concepts and Design 3.00
10801198 Speech 3.00
10801196 Oral/Interpersonal Communication 3.00
(15 Credits)
Term: 3
10150110 Networking I 3.00
10152123 Object-Oriented Programming 3 3.00
10152155 Web Programming 1 3.00
10152160 Introductory Mobile Application Development 3.00
10152175 Software Architecture 3.00
10156102 SQL Development 3.00
(18 Credits)
Term: 4
10152158 Web Programming 2 3.00
10152176 Application Development Capstone 3.00
10152177 Software Developer Internship 3.00
10102130 Career Development 3.00
10152161 Intermediate Mobile Application Development 3.00
10801199 Employment Strategies 3.00
10809166 Intro to Ethics: Theory & Application 3.00
10809172 Introduction to Diversity Studies 3.00
10809196 Intro to Sociology 3.00
10809198 Intro to Psychology 3.00
10809188 Developmental Psychology 3.00
(15 Credits)
Total Credits: 63-64