Credit for Prior Learning

Credit for Prior Learning

Mid-State Technical College’s Credit for Prior Learning Policy enables students to receive credit for their knowledge and skills gained from experience other than through the course offerings at Mid-State and accelerate the completion of their educational goals. Credit for Prior Learning credits may include: transfer of credits from approved, post-secondary institutions; credit by examination; high school, military or occupational experience/training; articulated high school credit. Mid-State has agreements with many area high schools to grant advanced standing for selected high school courses.

Students are required to complete 25% of the technical studies (Associate Degree Programs) or occupational-specific studies (Technical Diploma Programs) at Mid-State. The remaining 75% of coursework may be completed with various types of credit for prior learning.

Students must meet the requirements of the specific course in which they enroll to obtain credit.  All students seeking any form of credit for prior learning will begin the process with the Student Services Office. Student Services will refer the student’s request to the appropriate Division Dean. After the evaluation is completed, Student Services will notify the student in writing regarding the result of the evaluation. If the credits are granted, they will be entered on the student’s permanent transcript record. An appeal of the final decision may be made using the Academic Appeals Process (explained here).

Transfer credit typically takes 4-5 weeks to process from the point of receipt to the point of posting on the student's academic record. 

Questions regarding the process can be directed to:

Denise Borland

High School - Advanced Standing 
AP, CLEP and ACT-PEP - Credit by National Examination
Credit for Military Educational Experience
Mid-State Test Credit
Transfer of Credit
Work Experience Credit


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Frequently Asked Admissions Questions


How does Mid-State tuition compare to tuition for a four-year public university?

On average, an Mid-State education costs 45% less than two years at a public university.

10. Do I need to provide high school or college transcripts?

Yes, but only if your program requires transcripts.

How do I know if I’ve been admitted to a program?

Once you have completed all admissions requirements, you will receive a letter indicating you have been accepted.

When can I take the Accuplacer?

The Accuplacer is offered on a daily basis

Is there an Application for Admission deadline?

Mid-State continuously accepts applications for admission.

Mid-State needs a copy of my transcripts. Can I send a copy of the one I have?

No. Mid-State requires all transcripts to be official.

Do I need to take an entrance assessment to be admitted to Mid-State & my program?

Mid-State requires most new students to complete the Accuplacer prior to acceptance into a program.

What are official transcripts?

Official transcripts are transcripts with the school's seal sent directly from the school you attended previously.

Is there a fee to take the Accuplacer?

No. There is no fee to take the Accuplacer.

Will a GED® Test or HSED be accepted in lieu of a high school diploma?

Yes. Contact the institution that awarded your GED® Test/HSED and have them send your test scores directly to Mid-State.

I applied to Mid-State in the past. Do I need to repay my application fee?

The $30 application fee is a one-time fee, unless you have been away for 3 consecutive semesters.

Do I need to be admitted to a program to take classes at Mid-State?

No, but you must complete an Application.