Transfer Opportunities

Transfer Opportunities

Capella University Education Alliance

Mid-State maintains an articulation agreement with Capella University

Transfer Guides

Franklin University

Mid-State maintains an articulation agreement with Franklin University
877.341.6300 -

Lakeland College
Central Wisconsin Center

Mid-State and Lakeland College offer a unique opportunity for a student to obtain their associate degree and bachelor's degree within four years. Contact a New Student Specialist at for more information.

Upper Iowa University 

Mid-State maintains an articulation agreement with Upper Iowa University

University of Wisconsin Transfer Opportunities

See how your courses will transfer to any UW College or University.

  • Many Mid-State general education courses are accepted throughout the UW System. Use the Transfer Information System to see how your Mid-State courses will transfer to the UW. UW Transfer Information System
  • Transfer Agreements with the UW System: Program transfer agreements allow for a significant amount of Mid-State credits to be transferred toward the completion of a corresponding UW program. Mid-State programs include Early Childhood Education, Nursing and Urban Forestry Technician. Please contact a program counselor for more information. 



Reasons Businesses Should Hire an MSTC Graduate

Employer-based program advisory committees
88% of us work in-state following graduation
We are tech savvy
We have the soft skills you desire
We receive skills/insight from industry leaders
You get a high-quality and job-ready employee

Frequently Asked Admissions Questions


Is there a fee to take the Accuplacer?

Yes. There is a $20 fee to take the Accuplacer.

Mid-State needs a copy of my transcripts. Can I send a copy of the one I have?

No. Mid-State requires all transcripts to be official.

Do I need to take an entrance assessment to be admitted to Mid-State & my program?

Mid-State requires most new students to complete the Accuplacer prior to acceptance into a program.

When can I take the Accuplacer?

The Accuplacer is offered on a daily basis

If I’ve taken the Accuplacer or ACT in the past, can Mid-State use those scores?

Yes. The scores can be used if the test has been taken within the past five years.

Do I need to be admitted to a program to take classes at Mid-State?

No. Anyone can register for most General Studies classes.

Do college graduates still need to provide high school transcripts?

Yes, but only if your program requires transcripts.

Will a GED or HSED be accepted in lieu of a high school diploma?

Yes. Contact the institution that awarded your GED/HSED and have them send your test scores directly to Mid-State.

I applied to Mid-State in the past. Do I need to repay my application fee?

The $30 application fee is a one-time fee.

How do I apply to a program?

Click on How to Apply above to get started!

How does Mid-State tuition compare to tuition for a four-year public university?

On average, an Mid-State education costs 45% less than two years at a public university.

Is there an Application for Admission deadline?

Mid-State continuously accepts applications for admission.

How do I know if I’ve been admitted to a program?

Once you have completed all admissions requirements, you will receive a letter indicating you have been accepted.

What are official transcripts?

Official transcripts are transcripts with the school's seal sent directly from the school you attended previously.