Criminal Justice - Law Enforcement 720 Academy

Criminal Justice - Law Enforcement 720 Academy

Technical Diploma

This program is specifically designed for those students with a minimum of 60 college credits who seek to meet the certification requirements necessary to become a law enforcement officer in the state of Wisconsin. The program runs for a total of 720 hours and requires Monday–Friday, 8:00 a.m.–5:00 p.m. attendance over a span of 18 weeks.

Note: Application for this program is unavailable online and closes approximately 12–14 weeks prior to the start of the semester. To apply, contact the dean of Protective & Human Services directly at 715.422.5512 or email at

Minimum Standards

As set forth in Wisconsin State Statute and Chapter LES 2, of Wisconsin Administrative Code: Law Enforcement Basic Training Academy - LESB Minimum Standards


Catalog# Title Credits
Term: 1
30504310 Overview of Criminal Justice 1.00
30504311 Overview of Investigations 2.00
30504312 Overview of Tactics 1.00
30504313 Overview of Patrol Response 2.00
30504314 Principles of Patrol Response 2.00
30504315 Principles of Investigations 2.00
30504316 Principles of Tactics 3.00
30504317 Principles of Emergency Vehicle Response 2.00
30504318 Application of Investigation 2.00
30504319 Application of Traffic Response 2.00
30504320 Physical Fitness 1.00
30504321 Practical Assessments (scenarios) 1.00
(21 Credits)
Total Credits: 21