Central Service Technician

Central Service Technician

Technical Diploma

Want to work with supplies and equipment in surgery, obstetric, emergency departments, and other patient care areas? Central Service is the program for you!

You receive classroom and laboratory instruction, as well as clinical experience. Your ability to follow through on assigned tasks, prioritize between competing demands, and communicate effectively is in demand in the field of central service.

Healthcare facilities need skilled professionals who can handle ever-changing technology with medical supplies, instrumentation, and equipment. Central service jobs can be found in hospitals, clinics, ambulatory surgery centers, veterinary clinics, dental clinics, and nursing homes. Patient interaction is minimal within this healthcare specialty.

Upon finishing this course, you will receive a technical diploma. You will then be eligible for certification exams. Graduates of the Central Service Technician program may also consider the Surgical Technologist program for continued education and skills.


  • Central Processing Technician
  • Central Service Aide
  • Central Service Assistant
  • Central Service Technician
  • Instrument Technician
  • Materials Management
  • Processing and Distribution Technician


Catalog# Title Credits
Term: 1
10103106 Microsoft Office-Introduction 3.00
10501101 Medical Terminology 3.00
10501109 Medical Law, Ethics, and Professionalism 2.00
10501123 Student Success in Allied Health 1.00
10509102 Human Body in Health and Disease 3.00
10806177 General Anatomy & Physiology 4.00
30534301 Central Service 5.00
31806311 Applied Microbiology 2.00
10806197 Microbiology 4.00
(19-22 Credits)
Total Credits: 19-22