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Mid-State's "career-ready" philosophy prepares you to enter the workforce with hands-on learning, in-demand skills, and real-world experiences. Are you ready to practice what you learn, while you learn it? Our students reinforce what they learn through internships, job shadowing, practicums, clinicals, and mentorship from professionals in the field. It's no wonder central Wisconsin employers are eager to hire our well-qualified graduates.

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Admission to Mid-State
Admission refers to the process of applying for acceptance at Mid-State. Individuals wanting to complete a degree or diploma—or simply take undergraduate classes as a non-program-specific student—need to apply prior to taking classes. Mid-State maintains an open-door admissions policy for all prospective students. High school graduation or completion of the HSED or GED is required.

Some programs have specific application deadlines and requirements. Take a look at the program information guide listed under each program on the Programs page for more information and to confirm that you meet any such requirements.

Re-Admission to Mid-State
A student who was previously admitted and enrolled in a program and does not enroll in classes for at least two consecutive semesters is withdrawn from the college. The student may reapply at any time.


If at any point you have questions about the admissions process, please get in touch with a new student specialist by calling 888.575.6782. We look forward to talking to you and welcoming you to Mid-State in person!