Are you going places? Let winterim bring out the goal-crusher in you. person on snowy mountains with hands in the air overlooking a lake in the middle

Are You Going Places?

Let Winterim Bring Out the Goal-Crusher in You

Hibernation is not for everyone. If you’re looking to get ahead on degree requirements or even explore new heights, winterim at Mid-State is perfect. And with our legendary student services and support, you’ll get a helping hand right when you need it—and a high five when you reach your goal.

*Safety for Construction Trades requires a minimum of three students to meet OSHA requirements.  

Take a Class

If you’d like to just take a class, browse the Winterim Class List below and register today.

Winterim Class List
Course Title Start Date Delivery Method
Fabrication Fundamentals 101/03/2023Blended/In Person
Basic Agriculture Electrical, Mechanical, and Irrigation01/03/2023In Person
Agricultural Diesel Engine Systems01/03/2023In Person
ECE: Family and Community Relationships01/03/2023Online
Nursing Assistant01/03/2023Blended/In Person
Nursing Assistant01/03/2023Blended/In Person
Intro to College Writing01/03/2023Telepresence
Intro to College Writing01/03/2023Telepresence
Intro to College Writing01/03/2023Telepresence
Intro to College Writing01/03/2023Telepresence
General Anatomy & Physiology01/03/2023Online
Basic Anatomy01/03/2023Online
College Mathematics01/03/2023Online
Introduction to American Government01/03/2023Online
Introduction to Ethics: Theory and Application01/03/2023Online
Introduction to Diversity Studies01/03/2023Online
Developmental Psychology01/03/2023Online
Introduction to Sociology01/03/2023Online
Introduction to Psychology01/03/2023Online
GPS for Student Success01/03/2023In Person
GPS for Student Success01/03/2023Online
GPS for Student Success01/03/2023Online
Medical Terminology01/03/2023Online
Digital Literacy for Healthcare01/03/2023Online
Income Tax Accounting01/03/2023Online
Marketing Principles01/03/2023Online
Managing for Quality01/03/2023Online
Organizational Behavior01/03/2023Online
Team Building and Problem Solving01/03/2023Online
Civil Engineering Drafting II01/03/2023Online
Safety for Construction Trades01/03/2023In Person
English Composition 101/03/2023Online
Speech01/03/2023In Person
Microsoft Office-Introduction01/03/2023Online
Introduction to AutoCAD01/03/2023Online
Machine Shop Fundamentals01/03/2023Blended/In Person
Machine Shop Foundations01/03/2023Blended/In Person
Managerial Finance01/03/2023Online
Introduction to Business01/03/2023Online
QuickBooks Applications01/03/2023Online
Sanitation for Foodservice Operations01/03/2023Online
Nursing Assistant01/03/2023In Person
Sanitation for Foodservice Operations01/03/2023In Person
GPS for Student Success01/05/2023Blended/In Person
GPS for Student Success01/09/2023In Person
Welding Foundations 101/09/2023Blended/In Person
Welding Foundations 201/09/2023Blended/In Person
GPS for Student Success01/16/2023In Person

Start a Career Accelerator Certificate

Career Accelerator certificates are short-term "sprints" to develop targeted, real-world competency for career advancement, and some can even be started this winterim! Listed below are the courses available this winterim that count toward a Mid-State certificate.

Certificates with Winterim Start
Certificates Winterim Class Available
Agriculture Diesel Engine Systems and Equipment Agricultural Diesel Engine Systems
Competitive Sales, Small Business Entrepreneurship Marketing Principles
Healthcare Foundations Medical Terminology
Human Resources Foundations Organizational Behavior
Competitive Sales, Team Leadership Team Building & Problem Solving


Get Started

Contact an outreach coordinator to quickly explore your winterim-start certificate options, and apply! Or tell us what you’d like to learn more about below.

Baylie May Disher

“Now that I have my degree, I have so many options. I know I can really excel with my new skills, and I can’t wait to get started.”