Are you going places? Let winterim bring out the goal-crusher in you. person on snowy mountains with hands in the air overlooking a lake in the middle

Are You Going Places?

Let Winterim Bring Out the Goal-Crusher in You

Hibernation is not for everyone. If you’re looking to get ahead on degree requirements or even explore new heights, winterim at Mid-State is perfect. And with our legendary student services and support, you’ll get a helping hand right when you need it—and a high five when you reach your goal.

*Safety for Construction Trades requires a minimum of three students to meet OSHA requirements.  

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If you’d like to just take a class, browse the Winterim Class List below and register today.

Winterim Class List

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Get Started

Contact an outreach coordinator to quickly explore your winterim-start certificate options, and apply! Or tell us what you’d like to learn more about below.

Baylie May Disher

“Now that I have my degree, I have so many options. I know I can really excel with my new skills, and I can’t wait to get started.”