WTCS Emergency Grant Application

WTCS Emergency Grant Application

Are you experiencing an unforeseen financial emergency? Mid-State Technical College can provide emergency assistance grants to PELL eligible students.

What is considered a financial emergency?

  • A financial emergency is an unplanned event resulting in an unanticipated expense that would cause an eligible student to not complete the term.

The goal of the emergency grant funds is to help eligible students experiencing temporary financial hardships so they can focus on their studies and continue in their academic pursuits.

Who is considered eligible?

  • An eligible student means a student enrolled in at Mid-State Technical College whose expected family contribution is less than $5,000.
  • Eligible students need to submit an application with a bill, receipt, etc. identifying the nature and amount of the expense in order to request funds. 

Once your application is submitted, the Student Life & Equity Retention Specialist will reach out to discuss the financial need/application. You will need to provide documentation of your financial need at the time you submit your application. The Student Life & Equity Retention Specialist will reach out to you within two (2) business days. If approved, payment will go directly to the 3rd party.

Ineligible Expenses:

  • Tuition & fees
  • Textbooks
  • Student fees
  • Alcohol
  • Tobacco
  • Groceries
  • Entertainment
  • Insurance costs
  • Legal services, and/or legal violations resulting in fines/forfeitures.
  • Computers

A maximum of two grants may be awarded to the same student in any academic year and cannot exceed $500 total.

Wisconsin Technical College System State Emergency Grant Application

If you have any questions about the grant process, please contact Vikram Gill (715.295.1283)