Campus Representatives

Campus Representatives

Campuses will appoint representatives to lead the SLB. These representatives shall be a voice for the students, as well as a face for the college. Representatives’ duties shall include:

  • Chair the meetings of the General Session and the Executive Committee using Roberts Rules of Order procedure.
  • Conduct business, not otherwise provided for, that may arise between meetings.
  • Act as liaison to Mid-State Technical College Board and administration.
  • Record all proceedings and roll call of all related meetings.
  • Submit the minutes of each formal meeting to the advisor within five business days.
  • Conduct such correspondence as directed by the Student Leadership Board advisor.
  • Present plans and policies to the Student Leadership Board for approval.
  • Act upon such matters that require immediate attention between full meetings.
  • Promote needed legislation.
  • Recommend removal of any officer or member for cause.
  • Provide up to 25 hours of paid assistance for meetings, events, or community services per semester as approved by the SLB advisor. Receive $13 per hour up to $250 per semester.
  • And all such other duties as would normally befall this committee.

What previous Campus Representatives had to say about their experience:
Danielle Alinea – Renewable Energy Specialist; Wisconsin Rapids Campus
“As a campus representative, I felt involved with my school. I enjoyed helping at events and seeing staff and students I knew from outside of my program. It was a great networking tool and a gain on my resume. I am proud of my school so therefore I felt a pride and responsibility while representing Mid-State Technical College.”

Virginia London – Marketing; Stevens Point Campus
“My position as campus representative has been a fantastic motivator to keep me in touch with the student population. This position has also helped me get to know all of the faces I see on campus daily. I've thoroughly enjoyed having an input in what goes on at our campus!”

Laci Lenten – Nursing; Marshfield Campus
“Being a campus representative has been a great experience. It allowed me to be active on the Marshfield campus and network with faculty and students from other programs that I wouldn't have otherwise known. I had a voice in choosing what activities and giveaways take place on our campus and also had opportunities to volunteer during the activities, which was a fun experience.”

Looking to join the team? Fill out the application and return to your SLB. advisor by Friday, October 13.