Student Exchange Form

Six students will be selected for participation in an educational and cultural exchange in Dreieich, Germany near the city of Frankfurt. Upon completion, final selection will be based on of this application, essay, two instructor recommendation forms, personal interview, and academic performance.


Student Questions

Are you eligible and/or on-track for Mid-State graduation; 2.0 Cumulative GPA minimum?
Are there established attendance guidelines within your classes?
Do you have a criminal record or any pending charges?
Do you have any medical conditions (physical or emotional) that would require medical attention?
Have you been in any formal disciplinary action while attending Mid-State or any other educational institution?
Are you able to obtain a valid Passport (6 to 8 weeks to process; $135 fee, plus cost for photos)?
Are you covered by a health insurance plan?
If so, does your policy provide coverage in Germany?
Do you have the financial resources to cover all of the associated travel costs including (but not limited to) gifts for German hosts, extra-curricular expenses, spending money, etc.?
Do you have a valid credit card which would cover emergency expenses?

Please Accept the Following:

This trip itinerary is very fast paced and includes a rigorous schedule. Additionally, it will include extensive walking and sightseeing. We ask that you consider your own personal fitness prior to application.
By accepting below, I attest to the accuracy and honesty of the responses I provided to each of the questions above. Should any of this information change prior to travel, I am required to notify the Student Life Manager immediately.