Name of Contest:

Contest Chairs:
Becky Wirkus 

Contest purpose/objectives:
The Wildlife CDE will evaluate general knowledge in the broad area of Wildlife and Fisheries Conservation.

The knowledge and skills needed are:

  • Use of basic terminology of wildlife/ecological management.
  • Identification of common Fish, Wild animals, and Invasive Species of Wisconsin and
  • their basic ecology.
  • Understanding of the basic laws and hunting regulations pertaining to Fish and Wildlife.
  • Description and use of common wildlife and fisheries management/research
  • techniques.
  • Current issues in wildlife and fisheries conservation.

Qualification Statement:
This is a qualifying contest for the State contest. The top 7 teams will be eligible to enter the State FFA Career Development event. Practice teams will not be accepted. One team per school.


Placement of teams will be determined by tabulating the three best scores of contestants from the school. Individual placement will include team activity scores.

If a tie occurs within the top 5 teams or individuals, the following events will be used to determine award recipients:


  • Highest written exam score
  • Highest ID score

Overall Team

  • Total (top 3 team members) combined written exam scores
  • Total (top 3 team members) combined ID score

Materials Needed:
A clipboard and paper free from notes or other markings
Several sharpened no. 2 pencils (no pens)

Event Format:

The contest will consist of the following parts:

  • A General Knowledge Examination consisting of 50 multiple choice questions. A period of 50 minutes will be allowed for this phase. Each question is worth one point.
  • Identification of 25–50 common wildlife items including: mounted specimens, furs, skeletal material, research tools, maps, diagrams, and food items. A set limit (1–2 minutes) will be allowed for each station. Each item is worth one point. Under NO circumstances are the contestants to touch the materials that will be present for the identification of the contest!
  • Each year 1-2 practicums will be completed as individual or team events.
    • The practicums will relate to all areas of wildlife and managements in Wisconsin
    • Link to possible practicums (This is NOT an inclusive list, just ideas)
    • Each year a practicum focus area(s) will be chosen before the contest allowing contestant time to prepare.
    • Team members MAY work together to complete the practicums, or at the direction of the contest superintendents.