Contest Chair:
Becky Wirkus 

Contest Purpose

The Wildlife CDE will evaluate general knowledge in the broad area of Wildlife and Fisheries Conservation.

This is a qualifying contest for the State contest. The top 50% of the participating teams will be eligible to enter the State FFA Career Development event. (The percentages qualified at area contests are based on the percentage of full three- or four-person teams indicating that they are attempting to qualify at an area contest.) Practice teams will not be accepted.

Contest Description


  • Wildlife management terminology
  • Identification of common wild animals of Wisconsin
  • Understanding basic wildlife laws and regulations
  • Description and use of common wildlife management techniques
  1. A team will consist of three or four members, but the total of the top three (3) team members will determine the team score.
  2. The contest will consist of the following phases:
    • A General Knowledge Examination consisting of 50 multiple choice questions. A period of 50 minutes will be allowed for this phase. Each question is worth one point.
    • Identification of 25–50 common wildlife items including: mounted specimens, furs, skeletal material, research tools, maps, diagrams, and food items. A set limit (1–2 minutes) will be allowed for each station. Each item is worth one point. Under NO circumstances are the contestants to touch the materials that will be present for the identification of the contest!
  3. The contest will start at 9:00 a.m., and tardiness will likely cause late contestants to lose points.
  4. Each contestant should bring a clipboard and a no. 2 pencil.

Each school may enter one team. 

Please review the state FFA Career Development Events handbook.