Middle School Agriscience

Name of Contest:
Middle School Agriscience

Contest Chairs:
Stephanie Donnerbauer
Amy Gerhardt

Contest purpose/objectives:
The Middle School Agriscience CDE is a competition for middle school students who wish to have the opportunity to experience what a variety of CDE competitions are like. The competition includes content from animal science, plant science, agricultural mechanics, food science, and FFA. Each participant will compete individually in all areas.

Qualification Statement:
There is no state contest for Middle School Agriscience


Placement of teams will be determined by tabulating the three best scores of contestants from the school. Two teams are permitted per school and will compete separately from each other.

If a tie occurs within the top 5 teams or individuals, the following events will be used to determine award recipients:


  • Highest written exam score
  • Highest ID score

Overall Team

  • Total (top 3 team members) combined written exam scores
  • Total (top 3 team members) combined ID score

Materials Needed:
A clipboard and paper free from notes or other markings
Several sharpened no. 2 pencils (no pens)

Event Format:

The contest will consist of the following parts:

  • A General Knowledge Examination consisting of 25 multiple choice questions.
  • Identification of 25 common items including hands on, pictures, and displays