Name of Contest:
Livestock Evaluation

Contest Chairs:
Megan Kundinger

Contest purpose/objectives:
To provide a competitive event for high school agriculture students, emphasizing skills in livestock selection and livestock herd management.

  • To provide high school agriculture students with livestock interests a practical experience that will serve them well in industry positions or in management of a modern livestock herd.
  • To develop students' skills in observation and analysis.
  • To develop students' skills in communicating their reasons for placing four animals.

Location notes:
This event is held in an unheated facility. Students are advised to dress accordingly.

Qualification Statement:
This is a qualifying contest for the State contest. The top 6 teams will be eligible to enter the State FFA Career Development event. Practice teams will not be accepted. One team per school.

Placement of teams will be determined by tabulating the three best scores of contestants from the school.

If a tie occurs within the top 5 teams or individuals, the following events will be used to determine award recipients:


  • Highest oral reasons score
  • Total placing of classes

Overall Team

  • Total (top 3 team members) combined oral reasons score
  • Total (top 3 team members) combined score  of placing classes

Materials Needed:
A clipboard and paper free from notes or other markings
Several sharpened no. 2 pencils (no pens)

Event Format:
Livestock Selection will be judged at the Central Wisconsin State Fairgrounds in Marshfield, Wisconsin. Team members participating are encouraged to dress warmly, including warm footwear. Official dress is not required. Weather conditions can be very unpredictable.
Cell phones are prohibited during the event.
The classes that might be included in this contest are listed below. Classes are subject to change based on the availability of the livestock.
Breeding Classes (Performance records will be given where possible)

  • Class of Breeding Gilts
  • Class of Beef Heifers
  • Class of Yearling Ewes
  • Market Steers or Heifers
  • Class of Market Steers
  • Class of Market Hogs
  • Class of Market Lambs
  • Reasons Class – Contestants will give oral reasons on one class.