Mid-State Student Nurse Association Fruit Sale Fundraiser

Event Date

February 18-28

MSNA is fundraising this spring to provide scholarships to Nursing students through the Mid-State Foundation. Items you can order include: Braeburn & Honeycrisp Apples, Texas Rio Star Grapefruit, California Navel Oranges, and a mix box of fresh fruit. 

Three ways to order:

  • Online at https://sales.minntexcitrus.com/organization/mid-state-student-association/ - Please select Mid-State Student Nurses Association.  You can see the products, order, and pay online. After you enter your name and address there is a section for “Additional Information”, and we need you to make sure that Mid-State Nurses Association is in the organization box, and we are asking you to please select one of the names to connect your order to. If you are just ordering and need it delivered to a campus, please choose Crissy Watenpaugh – Wisconsin Rapids or Kelly Nelson – Stevens Point. Your delivery will be the same process as listed as below. They cannot send individual orders to online customers for this fundraiser.

    All fruit will be delivered to one campus and member that you ordered from will be responsible for picking up your orders and delivering it to you. We know that they will be delivered in March, but we won't get an actual date until we place the order.
  • Visit the Mid-State Technical College Wisconsin Rapids Campus Nursing Advisor Office.
  • Contact any student member of MSNA.

Questions: Contact Jalynn Piller (piller3547@my.mstc.edu) or Karen Jones (jones9954@my.mstc.edu

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