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This advanced clinical course requires the student to integrate concepts from all previous courses in the management of groups of clients facing complex health alterations. Students have the opportunity to further develop critical thinking skills using the nursing process in making clinical decisions. Emphasizes continuity of care through interdisciplinary collaboration. Prerequisites: Complex Health Alterations 1 10543109, Mental Health & Community Concepts 10543110, Intermediate Clinical Practice 10543111, and Nursing Advanced Skills 10543112; Corequisites: Nursing: Complex Health Alterations 2 10543113 and Nursing: Management and Professional Concepts 10543114


Prerequisites: Complex Health Alts 1 10543109, Mental Health & Comm Concepts 10543110, Intermed Clinical Practice 10543111, Adv Skills 10543112; Corequisites: Nsg: Complex Health Alt 2 10543113, Nsg: Manage & Profess Concepts 10543114

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